Saturday, August 02, 2008

As Ugly As I Seem

Activity: Walk
Date: 08/02/08 12:19 PM
Distance: 2.13 miles
Time: 0:46:47
Speed: 2.7 mph
Pace: 22' 13 min/mile
Calories: 200

It's not like I haven't walked, but today we went out purposely to walk. Sans cane, my husband and I walked slightly further and slightly faster than last time. Next time I'd like to see 3.0 MPH or better and walk 3 or more miles. I'm also walking less like a one year old with feet far apart and hands and arms up or out for balance. My stride is becoming more normal, with my feet closer together, arms swinging back and forth near my side, and limping is now at a minimum. It's not pretty but it's getting there. Progress.

I sort of started sewing something. Well, not really sewing in the sense of making something, but hemming. I bought a cotton jersey sun dress last year, but it's too long for short me. I never got around to hemming the dress until now. I cut about 5 inches off the bottom, now I just need to hem it. This one will be hemmed by hand. I don't have serger thread the color of the dress, otherwise I'd be all over that serger for hem practice. I'm slowly getting into the sewing thing. Progress.

Earlier this year I made a list of things I wanted to do for 2008. I, for obvious reasons, didn't get to PR my marathon and it's unlikely I'll get a 5k PR, but I did get to do other things like volunteer and train with the track club. Another item on my list was to learn how to play the guitar the right way. I had my son restring my guitar, so it's ready to go. Now that the incision on my right leg no longer hurts, I can sit and attempt playing the guitar. Uh, progress... Sort of. I still need to take the guitar out of the case and practice some chords.

This summer, so far, hasn't been very hot. Last year was so toasty that it burned the leaves and buds on some of the fruit trees in our yard. This year has been rather mild in my 'hood, but I'm sure everything will change, just because I'm talking about it.

Yesterday's song:
Love Don't Cost A Thing - Jennifer Lopez



barbie2be said...

white stripes?

i was out walking today but it was hot as heck. i'm still wishing my back didn't hurt so much because i am finding now that i really, REALLY miss roaming around my neighborhood in the cool of the evening. :(

Anne said...

Oh, Irene, I thought of you so much yesterday when I was at the Balboa 8M. I remembered following your back through the wooded parts. Let's plan to do a walk together soon.

WADDLER26.2 said...

You have to walk before you run. Great job Irene!

MJ said...

I feel completely out of the loop. Cane? Incision? Well. Anyway I'm glad you are getting out there and finding other hobbies to preoccupy you until you're back to 100%. I've never been much of a sewer. I guess that's not the word.. sew-er, person who sews. Have a good week :)

Irene said...

Winner! Sorry your back is still so sore! Keep moving,though, whether if it's walking or something gentle.

Next year... I'd love to go for a walk!

I'm getting there! Thanks.

It was back in mid May. I had a stress fracture. Long story.