Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I got in a workout using medium tension resistance bands for hip adductors/abductors and a few other random exercises like push ups and crunches. Movement is becoming easier and I'm less stiff. I had a ton of energy today, too.

I was ready to put my running skirt together. It looks relatively easy to assemble and I'm all set with the right color thread and other notions. Problem. My sewing machine is missing. I don't know if someone put it away in a new place to make room for other stuff. I'm a stickler for putting things away where they belong, but my machine is not where it belongs. The serger is there, but I need more practice on that before I actually make something to wear. My husband is suggesting that someone might have come into our house and stole it. Yeah, right. That's the first thing a robber would take. A robber would think to grab a heavy sewing machine and go. I suppose it could happen, but that's highly unlikely. My husband is known for putting things away without any regard to where they actually belong. My guess is that we'll find it in the storage shed down in the yard. I personally wouldn't put it in there, but I have a hunch it's in there, with all the junk he's not ready to part with. It's going to be like finding Waldo in a hot, uncomfortable room. I'm a little irked at the moment. I could of had that skirt done already and been wearing it. *Sigh*

Yesterday's song:
Time of My Life - Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes - Journey To The Real Me


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Anne said...

Our husbands are both pack rats! Drives me crazy, and I'm like you: don't move my stuff. Hope the machine materializes soon. I can't wait to see how the skirt turns out.

Michelle said...

I'm glad things are starting to move again for you and having more energy rocks!! I hate it when Miguel puts things away...well, I love it too. It's a love/hate thing I guess.

barbie2be said...


i hate it when things do get put where they go... it drives me crazy. i am looking for my middle size pink mixing bowl. it seems to have gone missing.

wendy said...

that's awesome you can tell a difference in your energy level just from working out...I have a friend who's so in-tune with her body, she notices things right away....not me, not yet anyhow....

I hope you find the machine soon, it's so frustrating to not know where something is, and I can't wait to see your skirt!

AKA Alice said...

LOL "Someone stole it." That's just priceless. Men...

Glad you're getting some energy back. That's really good to hear!

Anonymous said...

HUSBANDS!!! Why can't they put things BACK where they found them!??!! Ugghhh!!!!! Doesn't he KNOW we are waiting on the progress of this cute skirt you're making! The nerve!

SOOOOO glad you are workin' it girl! Getting better and better by the day! Whoo-hoo!!!

Irene said...

I went down there yesterday and got rid of a bunch of junk. It barely put a dent in everything we need to get rid of...

I have no problem with him putting my stuff away, it just needs to go in the right spot. ;) It feels good to have that energy back.

Winner! Missing kitchen stuff bugs me, too.

There's a big difference between feeling like a slug and not. :) It feels good to actually feel like getting some things done.

AKA Alice,
I know!!! Because you know how valuable a cheap sewing machine is in today's market... They might even strip it for parts... Not! LOL... I have a lot of energy and I'm doing a few things I really shouldn't be doing yet.

Good to see you back at it again! I'm all about business when it comes to the creative process, so it's somewhat frustrating to have everything come to a halt. The skirt will get done, though. I'm getting better each day. Thanks! :)