Friday, August 01, 2008

Love Don't Cost A Thing

This month's Blog 365 theme is HOT. I'm hoping it won't be so much of a stretch to post something about the word hot, since it's a word that can describe so many things -- hot weather, hot food, hot (good looking) people, whatever. How about a gallon of Tabasco Sauce? That's enough hot to last a while.

I've just happened upon an article about America's most overpriced zip codes. I was not surprised to see San Diego listed, however, I must say I was surprised that my old neighborhood of Mission Hills was on the list. We lived in the Mission Hills/Hillcrest area for about 8 years, and the neighborhood is pretty diverse, socially and economically. I would have expected to see La Jolla or Rancho Santa Fe on the list. Yes, Mission Hills is known for some of the older mansions and a few historical homes, but it has a few simple (more humble) sections, too. The street we lived on was in an area that transitioned three different neighborhoods, but we had that Mission Hills zip code. Zoning was rather scattered between small businesses, apartments and single homes. It wasn't quite the suburbs, but it really wasn't urban or city living either. I'm not sure what our little segment of the neighborhood was, but for what ever it was worth, we lived there. The area is desirable because it's close to everything, which included museums, downtown, the bay, the airport, parks, public transportation, shopping, etc. I enjoyed living there. We left the area because the cute, 1940's , 2 bedroom one bathroom house was too small for a growing family, and the more affordable larger homes were across town in the suburbs. The cost of buying a larger home in Mission Hills was beyond our reach at that time, but I never thought that area would be considered one of the most overpriced. Ah, well...

Yesterday's song:
Nothin' Better To Do - LeAnn Rimes - Katiefeldmom



leslie said...

Janet Jackson?

KatieFeldmom said...

Hey no Sacramento? What's up with that? LOL, we have some super nice sections but I guess they aren't as super nice as I thought.

barbie2be said...

my bro and his first wife used to live in the balboa park area(?) right down the street actually, from the park. in an adorable little cottage. i bet that's going for an arm and a leg these days.

heck, homes in the then middle class, now kind of ghetto-y neighborhood i grew up i are going for over half a mil here in san jose. and i am SO not even kidding about the neighborhood being ghetto-y.

Irene said...

Good guess, but it's J Lo.

The neighborhood isn't as fancy as some others in the area, which is why I was a little surprised it made the list.

That's about a mile from where I used to live. It is a lovely area. My street was the ghetto-y street... On our street we periodically had drug raids complete with police squads and helecopters. Good times.