Monday, August 04, 2008

Time Of My Life

Breast Cancer

Squeeze and scan. That was my morning. I had a mammography and bone density testing.

I'm glad it wasn't hot today, because you're not supposed to wear deodorant/antiperspirant prior to getting squished.

Yesterday's song:

Simple Kind Of Life - No Doubt



MJ said...

Am I first? Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes ??? Glad you went, breast cancer runs rampant in my family :(

wendy said...

hahahhaha, way to work in "hot"

AKA Alice said...

OMG...another sign from the gods that it's time for my annual boob-smoosh (ran past the imaging place on this?) These are signs, I tell ya, signs..

OK...I'll just make the appt. :-)

NotSoccer Mom said...

good for you. so many women actually don't do this because of the pain, can you believe it!

KatieFeldmom said...

Excellent job with the smooshing and working HOT into the conversation.

How HOT does it actually get in San Diego?

Irene said...

Winner! I'm glad I went, too. It's always weird, but the techs are always so kind.

Heh. I had to throw it in, somewhere!

AKA Alice,
My sign from the gods were the phone calls from my doctor's office. They even called to confirm, and they never do that. Did you make your appointment???

It wasn't painful at all, just weird. It's so worth the effort and a few minutes of very slight discomfort.

Yep. All smooshed and hot. San Diego has micro climates. Where I live is about 10 degress cooler than it is inland, and in the valleys east it tends to be 10 degrees warmer than it is inland. Yesterday it was about 80 degrees where the appointment was, and about 75 where I live, but in my area we had a lot of humidity.

KatieFeldmom said...

Ugh on the humidity ... that's what gets to me ... I can handle our 100+ days here in Sacramento, but it's all dry heat.

Irene said...

Our friends who live in Sac have misters in their backyard patio, just to add a little humidity.