Thursday, August 07, 2008

Seek And Ye Shall Find

I had received an e-mail from Runner's World Magazine and the San Diego Track Club about another trial shoe event. We wear the shoes for a few weeks then give our two cents on how the shoe fits, performs and wears. The event was over at the bay, at the runner's bathroom. It's along Mission Bay just south of the visitor's center. I arrived a little early, but it was already crowded with people waiting for running shoes. I'd venture to guess that there were about 100 people there. They gave priority to people who had tested shoes before, like I did, but they had so many shoes that I doubt any one was left out. I came away with a pair of Adidas Adistar Rides. So far I'm really liking this pair of shoes and I'd actually pay for a pair. The last trial shoe I had left my feet hot and sweaty, then blisters happened. These Adidas fit like my Asics do, and I love my Asics. I also tried on a pair of Brooks, but the Adidas fit better. I also did something I wasn't supposed to do. I ran. They needed to make sure the shoe was the best choice, and they had an expert there to test us. I got the OK for the shoe, but then the guy wanted to talk to me. He noticed that one leg seemed shorter than the other and that I should see someone for that. Oops. Then I had to explain the injury, surgery, and physical therapy. I only ran about 50 feet, but it felt good, mentally. I know, I KNOW -- I'm not supposed to be running yet, so stop looking at me like that. I promise not to do any more running at any distance until I get the green light to do so.

My daughter found the sewing machine in the storage shed. Why am I not surprised? She found it while she was looking for something else. My poor machine was not covered. My machine was rather dusty and gunky. I thought it might just need a dusting off and some oil, but it was needing much more. I had to use carburetor cleaner to get it going, then I had to fiddle around with the tension settings, which required busting out the tool set. After a two hours of performing surgery on my sewing machine, I got it running. I think it took longer to get the machine going than it did to assemble the running skirt. Oh yeah, the skirt is done! I knew it wouldn't take long to assemble. Since this is sort of my prototype skirt, I'll tweak the next one, as far as fit goes. It came out OK, considering I used two mens x-tra large tech t-shirts. As my son said, I went all MacGyver on the skirt. Heh. I also had to use a scrap piece of black stretch material I had because one of the shirts had a lot of detail on it, rendering parts of it useless for my skirt. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Yesterday's song:
Failure - Martin Sexton



Anne said...

I'm sure a test drive in new shoes won't set you back. It's great that you're getting back into the swing of things. Looking forward to seeing this skirt.

leslie said...

I'll bet it felt great to run at all, but I'm happy to hear that you're waiting for the official green light.

Good for your for giving your machine the TLC it needed, but TWO HOURS?! You are a patient girl, Irene! Can't wait to see the skirt...

Michelle said...

tsk tsk Irene. Ok, but it must feel good to know you can run and now it's just a matter of time until you do again. Don't forget about triathlons! They have running in them too :) Enjoy the sneaks!

Irene said...

My PT person didn't think I did any harm, either. :)

Yep! A whole 50 feet and I was happy! I promise not to run until I get the green light to do so, but it will be soon! Oh, that machine was a mess! I spent more time cleaning it than any thing else! It's working much better, now.

50 feet never felt so good. ;) I'll be back at it soon enough, and I know there's at least one tri out there for me.