Sunday, August 03, 2008

Simple Kind Of Life

This will be a hot*, quick post. We're re-doing a few things on our computer, so it's down. I'm using the old computer that has almost nothing on it, and is slow, but at least I have internet access.

I hemmed that dress (the one from yesterday) and finally cut out the pattern and fabric from that running skirt pattern I bought months ago. Remember? It was this one:

It would be complete already, but family life happens. The skirt should be finished by tomorrow, provided there are no further interruptions. I'll post pictures of it somtimes this week.

Yesterday's song:
As Ugly As I Seem - White Stripes - Barbie2be


* I had to fit in the word HOT somewhere, Heh...


wendy said...

that's so cool! I love the running skirts! I have a bunch of them now, and people outside my run club are always surprised when they see it...sigh....only runners understand! =)

AKA Alice said...

oooohhh...LOOOOVE the running skirt! I'm seeing more and more of 'em on the road.

MJ said...

I feel caught up now. You're making great progress! =) Hang in there. That skirt looks really cute. I never thought about running in a skirt, seems scary. Wait is it a "real skirt" or does it have shorts under it? I like that whole outfit :)

Irene said...

I have several, also. I like the ones with the compression shorts underneath. I wanted to see if I could make one for less.

AKA Alice,
I hope it works out OK. It's a different style than I'm used to, but very similar. The true test will be running in it. It may need some tweaking.

The skirts have either an attached brief or compression short underneath. I love mine! The pattern only comes with the skirt and the compression shorts or brief. I'd like to try making some of those tops.

barbie2be said...

i wish i had a serger. i would love to make some knit stuff.

Irene said...

I need a lot more practice on it, but mostly remembering how to thread it, which is a little complicated...