Monday, August 25, 2008

Hit Or Miss

Due to server issues, I'm having one heck of a time posting anything. I can't upload pictures and getting onto any site (not just Blogger) is hit or miss. I can't even get into Photobucket, and when I do it's SLOW.

A short while back, Dori asked me how I was doing with my recovery process. I'm doing OK, with occasional aches in the hip/thigh, but it's not too bad. I'm still walking with a slight limp, which becomes more apparent when I'm tired. I was supposed to have PT today but I had to reschedule because no one was available to watch the kid. I'm still not running yet, and I believe my physician was correct in saying I'd be running around Fall, sometimes. I'm mentally ready to amp things up, but physically I still can't push too hard, and I get frustrated. I feel mushy.

Yesterday's song:
I Am The Walrus - The Beatles - Heffer Blog



leslie said...

We will run together someday!

Miss Rachel said...

Hey Irene, the fall is almost here and soon you will be running.

I know you posted the photo a little while back (I'm playing catch-up again), but I want to say how impressed I am with your running skirt! You did such a good job on it; it looks very professional. And of course, you look great in it! :-)

KatieFeldmom said...


AKA Alice said...

I feel fall in the air (not really...just wishful thinking for ya)

Irene said...

I'm sure we will!

I still have my work cut out, but I'm hopeful. Thanks for the comments about my running skirt. It's very wearable.


AKA Alice,
But do we ever feel the Fall air in Southern California? Hehehee.(If you ask me, I can feel the differences, but I've lived here forever...) Fall will be here soon enough, and I'll be doing some sort of running... It won't be pretty but it will be running.