Friday, September 08, 2006

Fly Away

Day 26 - Half Marathon Training - rest or crosstrain


I read a post on the My Blends forum yesterday, of how someone (sorry, I don't remember who) doing dumbbell flys with 20# weights, each hand. I got to thinking... How heavy could I actually go on dumbbell flys? I did dumbell flys, BFL style, starting out with 10# in each hand one set of 12. Okay... Then 12.5#-10 reps, 15#- 8 reps, 17.5# - 6 reps. Curiousity set in so I continued. 20# - 6 reps. 22.5# - 6 reps but form was starting to be compromised. Could I do more? 25# - 4 reps, not pretty. So I guess the answer is: Yes, I can do 20# safely. 22.5# is pushing it and 25# is probably, really, more than I should do safely. I've been doing low weights high reps for so long that I didn't really know or realize how heavy I could go. I still have my work cut out, but it sure beats doing only 10#. So, yesterday, I did sorta work out.

Today was actually more of what I would consider a rest day. I spend my morning with DGS while his mommy was at class, and, later on, got my hair cut and colored. No new color or cut. Just a trim and a teensy bit darker.

Tomorrow I am planning a 20K run/walk at the lake. I'm still dealing with ankle issues but I need to get some mileage in, just for the endurance. I'm not in pain, there's just a constant soreness. There's no rule that says I have to go fast. I figured that I did a half mile walk yesterday (to the park and back) and I was pretty comfortable, so if I do a walk/run pattern, I should be able to safely do a 20K distance and not hurt myself. Yes, I realize that there is a big difference between a half a mile and a 20K distance, and I can always cut the 20K distance short if I am in any pain. I'll have ice in Ziplock bags ready to go for when I get home and put my feet up...

Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Nice work!! I'm a believer in high weight, moderate (8 to 12) reps, personally, but I've read that low weight and high reps is more efficient for runners. I use 25# weights and a slight incline for dumbbell flys. My armpits hurt a lot.

Hope your 20K run/walk goes well. Take care of that ankle! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


*Just upgraded Blogger to the new Beta version and it won't let me post comments on non-upgraded blogs while I'm logged in.

Cathy said...

Hope your ankle feels better soon. That's got to be so frustrating for you! Nice job on your chest workout. I need to get back to weight training more regularly soon.

Mari said...

Hope the 20K went well. Ice ice ice. :D

Pamela said...

WOW 20k! be careful of the ankle tho hon... yes I know I'm a nag..but I know of what I speak.. :P

Irene said...

Sister Smile,
It just felt good to go heavier than I had done in a long time. That's weird that the Blogger Beta version won't let you post comments... One would think they would be in sync.

The ankle thing is weird. I'm looking into getting a different shoe now, which seems to be a never ending battle. I hope I can continue with the weights and progress heavier.

Oh, I know of which you speak!!! I have cut back my training... Nope, you're not nagging... Thanks for the concern!!!