Monday, September 25, 2006

We Don't Run

Half Marathon Training and PDB Challenge Day 3

Always a rest day after a long slow distance run day.

My legs are a little tight today, but no weird pains.

I had a discussion with my former PT friend. The way my body stores fat has changed since I've started running. My upper body now carry more fat than they used to. My legs are much leaner. It's funny because I used to be a classic pear shape. Once this half marathon is over, and the huge need for extra carb calories is over, it will be back to more BFL style way of eating and weights.

I've reposted my progress pictures today on and on PDB. I used MY camera, so I was able to use natural lighing.

Other stuff:
We have tile in the new old house! Well it's waiting to be installed, but we have it. The tile guys ripped out the old linoleum and prepped the floor with Hardiback board. They're good at what they do but they're doing our house on weekends only, until they comlete some other jobs. Since the work load for them is slowing down they're also going to sand the rest of our floors and paint the exterior of the house. I hope we can move in in a couple of weeks...

Happy Monday!



Pamela said...

Great Pics...I LOVE the sign! says LOTS :D

Lori said...

I'm a pear shape...I wish I could run. Off to see the pics now.


Chérie said...

Looking forward to my body changing how it stores fat! Except I don't really run too much anymore. I saw your pictures, and, as I said on myblends, I love your leg definition. I'd be showing those off every chance I got.

barbie2be said...

Irene, you look great! keep up the good work!

Irene said...

Pamela - The word "Triumph" was the word we needed to have in our before pictures. It was either that or use a newspaper. We just quit our newspaper... I took other pictures but they didn't have the word "Truimph." I missed that post and that post never got bumped up. I was not a happy camper...

Thanks for visiting! I never thought I would be running as much as I do now. I guess you have to find something you like and just go with it.

A few years back, my back and arms were really toned up. I've had a lot of set backs this past year and had to quit lifitng super heavy. Now, I carry the higher fat percentage in my arms and back, which is weird to me. I used to have spindly, weak arms and no shoulders. I'm beginning to lift a little heavier now, so I hope I can gain some musle back in my arms and back again...

Thanks! ;)