Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pretty Baby

Half Marathon Training Rest or Crosstrain
Crosstrain - Chest - BFL style and Abs - 2 sets of 100

I was supposed to take pictures and get measurments today, but my PT buddy got sick, so I'll have to dig out the tripod and search my house for perfect lighting. I'll get my own measurments, but I always feel like it's more accurate when someone else does the measuring, plus it keeps me honest.

Hubbie and I received some good news today. Our college roomate and his wife just received word that they have a baby daughter to adopt from China. They're naming her after our daughter, who was a baby when hubbie and our roomate graduated from college. How cool is that? Any way, We're thrilled for them. This little girl will be their second daughter from China.



Evelyne said...

I've been meaning to take measurements since I started 2 weeks ago. Just can't. I'm scared it will depress me.

How wonderful for your friends. Adoption is a beautiful thing.

Chérie said...

That is very sweet, about the baby and naming her after your daughter. What a lovely thing.

Irene said...

It's never easy... I'm okay with it, though. I know where I'm starting. Our friends are a great couple.

At first it didn't impact me that they named their daughter after ours, even though they flat out said that they were, but it's a nice tribute and I am touched,