Thursday, September 07, 2006

Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)

Day 25 - Half Marathon Training - rest or crosstrain

Rest - Not really rest. I'm back up daycare for my grandson.

We have a break in the weather today, so it's more in the 80's, not so much high 90's and 100's. Today will be a great day to take the little guy to the park, let him run around and get really tired so he'll have a good nap this afternoon.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I thought I'd be feeling my abs this morning with all of the crunches I did yesterday, but I'm really feeling my arms. I might try and fit in some sort of cardio today, IF my daughter comes home early. I might be able to get myself to the gym for some recumbent bike. I'll have to see how the day plays out.

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KatieFeldmom said...

You are kicking butt regardless of the heat. Such an inspiration. Way to go.

Have fun with the kid today.

Irene said...

Thanks Katie! I did have a good time with the kid. We spent an hour at the park and he played hard! Got him nice and tired, and after lunch, he had a nice long nap!