Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ready For The Good Times

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Day 24 - Half Marathon Training - 3 mile run - easy.

No run today... Too flippin' hot!

It's toasty here in Southern California... A few schools were let out early due to the extreme heat. I am without a car, the garage where my Bowflex is set up is like a hot sauna, and only one room in my house has a/c, and it's a cheesy wall a/c, but it's better than nothing. Soooooo, in the only room that had a/c, I did exercises without weights, and worked on regular pushups 4 sets of 10, bench dips 5 sets of 12 (using the coffee table and couch), squats (didn't count but did a bunch) ab crunches, 5 sest of 100. Not exactly to plan but it was too hot to run anywhere today and I couldn't drive out to the gym since DS had my car... I decided to to this workout because I didn't get in chest and triceps yesterday, and since I didn't run I threw in the squats and abs for fun.

My brother called today asking about my running. He said that the closer it gets to the half marathon date, the more people he's seeing on the running trails. He's wondering where all these people have been the whole time, and if they're really ready. I will be as ready as I can be. I was planning on running the whole half marathon in about 2:25. Any time remotely close to that will make me happy. Finishing will make me happy.



Chérie said...

That heat sounds so draining. I'm impressed you still did something in the only ACed room. Good luck with the time!

Pamela said...

yep that sounds WAY too hot! :P &PS that song by SHAKIRA is hott too :D

Donna said...

I think you'd like running in our weather better. It's been really nice here lately, in the 70's, but that won't last long. Great job on doing your weights in that heat.

Irene said...

The heat is draining... We usually don't need A/C here but it's been unusually hot this year. Global warming???


It's usually in the 70's here. This is just some freaky weather!

shpprgrl said...

It's hard to imagine life without AC. You would love my house right now. The entire house is cool. :) Even the closets.

I don't blame you for skipping the exercise in your 'sauna' room!

Irene said...

Ooooh, air conditioned closets! It usually doesn't get THAT hot here to justify central a/c, but we might change our minds...