Friday, September 29, 2006

Black Friday

Last night hubbie and I went out for date night but I kept it clean. No alcohol -- I just stayed with water and a lemon wedge, and I had seared ahi sashimi and jasmine rice with veggies. YUM!

Today is a scheduled rest day and I might actually take it as a rest day. Some "rest" days I feel like I should be doing something, so I'll throw some sort of workout in. Tomorrow is supposed to be a run day but I might have to put that off until Sunday again, just due to everybody elses schedule.

The leg cramp is almost non-existant. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Party tonight for hubbies's business partner.... I gotta figure out what to wear. I have a black blouse that's kinda dressy, but I'm thinking of pairing it with a nice pair of jeans and red, high heeled, pointy toed pumps... Well see...



shpprgrl said...

I can always count on you being just like me with "what will I wear"? I think your choice sounds great. I wear alot of black in Fall/Winter, probably too much. :) cya!

leslie said...

Love the understated (but fitted) clothes with some sexy-ass shoes thing. Sounds great -- have fun!

Christie said...

Yahoo, another blog to get addicted too. So, apparently we have something in common...I think I remember somewhere that your an OD??? I'm a licensed optician. Plus, lucky girl, you live in So Cal...most of my family lives down there in the San Diego area...Santee, El Cajon and such.

Irene said...

Ironically, I wore something else... I put on exactly what I had said I would but I just wasn't "feelin'" it... I ended up with black pants, a coral silk sleeveless top that I got a couple of years ago, and black strappy high heels.... I guess I got a little intimidated when hubbie told me what some of the other people would be wearing. Turns out it probably didn't matter what I wore because a lot of the women wore exactly what I was going to wear...

I was still relatively understated, but just a little more shiney... LOL I had killer shoes,though... Cute but killer on the toes after the party!

Glad you didn't delete your blog either! I guess some people felt like they had to. Yay! I feel better now... :) I'm not an Optometrist, COT or anything, although it probably wouldn't hurt to get my COT -- I was fortunate to work for an office that wanted to train people from scratch in my first optical office job. I like being in optical and when I do go back to work (I'm sort of SAHM at the moment) I will go back. I live really close to Santee right now, in the San Carlos/Del Cerro area. I'll be moving to Bay Park soon. Thanks for visiting.

Irene said...

Christie, I meant "Yay" that you didn't delete your blog. :)