Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reebok Tacos

My dog has been eating the cat food again... She likes to be near me when I'm on the computer, but, geezus, she just farted... Ugh.

I haven't blogged in a few days, but I've been staying on track with RU and running.

Yesterday my schedule allowed me to do a track club workout. We did hill repeats on the back trails of Balboa Park. We ran at 5k pace for 3 minutes then jogged for 3 minutes, over the same couple of hills, over and over again. It was tough, and everyone tells me that wasn't the toughest run of the season. I was so spent that I nearly tossed my tacos when we were done with the hills, and opted out of the several sets of strides the club did after ward.

I did one set of four warm up type exercises, two sets of light weights with a lot of lunge and squat matrixes, then two sets of a whole lot of the gentle pylo. I was there for over 2 hours, and that included ice. My sessons are supposed to be 1 hour, so I felt like I got more bang for my buck. I'm still pretty sore and tight in spots from last night's killer hill repeat workout, so B took that into consideration. It still was a really good workout.

I had my 2 cents* printed in the September 2009 Runner's World Magazine, page 82. I'm a part of their wear testing program and they actually posted something I had to say. Too bad it wasn't on a shoe I really liked. It was on the Adidas Response Cushion 18. I wore them on an 18 miler and my knees really hurt after wards. They're OK for shorter runs. My husband wear tested the same shoe and he thought the same thing I did -- not enough cushion.

It's a good day all around. My daughter aced a college biology class and now she's looking to transfer to either UCSD or SDSU in Fall 2010. She's taken the long road, but I'm soooooooo glad to know that she's plugging away. It's a tough road between being a single mom, work, school, and maybe a social life. We've always said we'd help her out as long as she stayed in school.

I went shopping to look for a hand held water bottle, the ones with the straps that attach to your hand. Just about everyone is SOLD OUT! I found only one. It was the 20 oz version of the Amphipod, but I really wanted the 12 oz version, mostly for shorter runs when I don't need the Power Ranger's belt.** Looks like I'll have to shop on line. I don't like to waste a shopping trip (because shopping doesn't float my boat -- too many years working in retail management jaded me) so I came home with sneakers for the kid and a bright green, tech fabric, long sleeved Nike t-shirt for $14.99. Go me.

Sunday's song:
Superfreak - Rick James - Miss Rachel


*More like once cent due to the crappy economy...
**Also called "Wonder Woman belt" or "Batman Belt -- Hydration belt with multiple bottles and large storage pouch.


Jo Lynn said...

Thanks for the update. Been wondering where you were. ;)

Lisa said...

I recently bought the Amphipod 20 oz handheld (the one with the insulator). It isn't that big. I have pretty small hands and it works for me. I opted for the bigger one because I drank two bottles of my nathan bottles on a hot 7 miler, so I thought I might need more than 12 oz. I am glad because the last couple of ounces in the Amphipod are hard to drink (much harder than the Nathan bottles). But I do like the shape. After a bit, I forget it is there. I am planning on posting a review later this week.

congrats on your little bit of fame!

Man, what is it with the dogs??? Mine just farted! pew!

KatieFeldmom said...

Now *that* is a song title!!! I have no idea who sings it but it rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

"Power Ranger belt"...lmao!

AKA Alice said...

You made me feel even better about not running with the club last night. When I saw the run was on the trails, I opted out and ran on the mill instead. I'm glad you found the group.

Reebok Tacos? I have no idea!

I Run for Fun said...

That's hilarious about your dog...not so funny when you're there, I'm sure!

I'm not a big shopper, either...and I like to optimize my shopping trips. Glad you got to buy something.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I can't wait to get back home and read what you had to say in runners world!

and i think you'll like the 12oz amphipod. I looked at the 20oz and they just look too big. but the 12 oz is small enough that you'll barely know it's there...until you need to take a swig of liquid. :-)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

ust have been pretty neat to see what you wrote in RW! congrats :) I'm not a big fan of running while holding something, so the hand bottles are not for me, I prefer the belts.

cami said...

Reebok Tacos? Is that a new shoe debut?

I can't wait to read your review in RW. :)

runnerinsight said...

Well, either way, we are still after a successful run! : ) POwer Rangers memories! haha And funny dogs you have! Kudos!

Miss Rachel said...

Cat food tastes better than dog food because cats are pickier. I keep my cat's food out of reach of the dog, but he's clearly interested in it. He always comes over when I'm filling her bowl.

There's song called Reebok Tacos??? ;-)

Glenn Jones said...

That's a tough workout! Especially at 5K pace. Where's my cheessteak?

And congrats to your daughter! UCSD is quite an accomplishment - but it's a wierd school. My son was eyeing it and opted for UCI after visiting the campus and seeig to kids that run around there. SDSU is a good school, but the UCSD degree in Bio is pretty substantial...

Anne said...

Very cool about being included in RW. And you just helped me make up my mind about rejoining the Tuesday workouts while they are still doing hills. I'll wait.

Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming transfer too. Not easy to do these days and a true credit to her capabilities.

Pink Granite said...

Congratulations to your daughter both on her recent success and on persevering with school!
- Lee

Irene said...

Jo Lynn,

Thanks for your info. I think my husband would like the 20oz one. LOL about the dogs!

This is the rare occasion I had to look through iTunes at obscure songs. It's kind of a geeky rap song.

I wish I could take credit for the Power Ranger Belt!

AKA Alice,
It was brutal!

She's a quiet dog, but she made her presence known! I felt like I scored with the shirt for me. :) I saved about $10.

They also used comments from other people I'm friends with through the track club, so that was really neat. I wish I could stay naturally hydrated so I wouldn't need a belt, backpack or hand held water bottle!

It really IS a song! :)

It was tough! She's not a biology major, she just aced the class which wasn't easy. Her emphasis is in the Arts (theater, dance) but I think she's going to change majors.

I'm not sure for how much longer they'll be running the hills. I'll keep you posted. It was nice to see some of the people I haven't seen since the marathon.

Thanks. There's a sense of relief for her. She just needs a particular English class (piece of cake for her) and some random electives, and she should be ready to transfer over soon.