Saturday, August 01, 2009

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

Well, now...

I've been a tad busy since about Thursday. Thursday there really wasn't much to discuss other than I ended up with food poisoning from a fish place we went to after an industry/vendor thing for my husband. I'm thinking it was the tuna tartar that did me in. I'm kinda thinking it wasn't supposed to be served at room temperature. I was up all night and in the restroom about every couple of hours, had to cancel my chiropractor appointment on Friday morning at 8 AM , and got in more sleep until about 10:30 AM Friday morning. Good times. I was a bit concerned because we had a dinner/show/room thing planned FRIDAY EVENING at 5:00 PM. Yikes. With a Pop Tart (I know, but that's what I could deal with) , Chicken & Stars soup and a couple of pretzles, I was OK, and by the time dinner rolled around I was ravenous. Thank goodness.

The dinner/show/room package was for Jim Gaffigan at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay. Ever since the one time we did the dinner/room/show pacakage, we always plan to attend another show the following year. Last year was Robert Plant & Allison Krauss. The year before it was Heart. This year we were looking for a music group or singer, but the shows that we were interested in sold out quickly, and there were good seats still available for Jim Gaffigan. It was a great choice. After a fabulous dinner and dessert, we sauntered* out to the venue. I'm not sure why, but we ended up with third row, center seats. (I just asked for best availabe, and we didn't even get the uber package.) Gaffigan was hysterical without being raunchy or using curse words. A lot of people brought their kids, which was different, but nice that you could bring your kids to see a comedian. He had a lot of new material, but also went into the "bacon" and "Hot Pockets" routines he is know for. It was so much fun. We laughed to the point of crying. We were lauging at other people laughing. We finished off the evening at the bar while listnening to a blues band and then called it a night. We were done.

Saturday morining we woke up kind of late, about 8:30AM, which means we missed the 8 mile run event out at Balboa Park, but we weren't in condition to run. You can't call a Grey Goose martini and two vodka tonics carb loading. I don't even think there's a carb there, unless you count the olives. I don't normally drink that much in one week, let alone one evening, which explains the late wake up time. Once we got ourselves together, we wandered around Point Loma for a breakfast haunt. We ended up at the Red Sails Inn. Service was so fast it was almost scary, but impressive. It's a place to return to, for sure.

Still waking up! I can't even muster a cheesy smile yet!

Once we had our breakfast and felt more awake, we went walking around, but didn't get too far because we found a place that sells a lot of European and organic wines. I just about did a happy dance because I've had a really hard time finding organic wines that taste good, and most European wines are organic, although they aren't classified as such. I'm extremely sensitive to the sulfates in most non-organic American wines -- I break out in an itchy, dry, rash (excema), and it really bites. I've been missing a lot of my favorite wines. We came out of there with 4 bottles, three from Europe and one from Argentina. I plan on saving those for another weekend. -- I'm not quite ready just now.

We ended up going back to the hotel to soak in whatever time we had left, asked for a late check out, and spent a few hours at the pool area. While we were there, the cabana bar had opened... Gee, a couple of Coronas and lime sounded really good with a plate of calamari, especially sitting poolside... It felt like a vacation, we might as well take advantage of it.

While we were enjoying drinks, we started looking around at the pool area. I kept saying "this is how I would like our backyard to look, but on a MUCH smaller scale."

No lawn to mow. Then after the second Corona, we decided it would be a good idea to install a running track around our backyard, made out of that cushy stuff they use on high school and college tracks. Then we decided it could be a multi-purpose track so that our grandson could ride his bike around it and also have a place to use his remote control cars. Luckily, we stopped after two Coronas; heaven knows what else we would have decided to do with our backyard.

Wednesday's song:
Reebok Tacos** - eCID



**"I rock Nike socks with Reebox."


Jo Lynn said...

Ugh! I had food poisoning as a teenager, and I STILL remember it. Mine was from Taco Bell.

I'm glad you didn't hold it against seafood though, seeing as you had calamari soon after? Yah, I stil eat Taco Bell once in a blue moon. ;)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Except for the food poisoning part, it sounds like you had a quite a weekend!!

Miss Rachel said...

Food poisoning - yeesh, sounds awful.

Ha ha about your backyard plans getting out of control, but a pool sounds great.

Anne said...

Glad you got over the food poisoning in time to imbibe again. Sounds like the ideal weekend package. Pass me one of those Coronas, will ya?

Jo Lynn said...

How close is Fremont? I live there. LOL
I know, you didn't know. ;)

The short story is... said...


(Is it bad that I'm shouting it?)

The short story is... said... that I've got that out of my system, I can post a real comment now...LOL.

Remodeling conversations after Coronas are always dangerous. Good thing you didn't have wireless access or you might have gone shopping as well (very dangerous!)

You can come an envision designs for my backyard any time!

I haven't run this weekend yet either.

Deene said...

i love that alan jackson song.

Miz said...

lovelove the Gaffigan and he SO never disappoints in person.


Glenn Jones said...

Glad you were able to enjoy your weekend despite the food poisoning thing! Whew!

A track in your back yard? Hmmm. When I'm one with an interval workout I can tell you the last thing that I want to see is a track! But I'm totally there with no lawn to mow!

Oh - we took my 18 yo and 17 yo sons with us to KC. The look on their faces when my wife and I started dancing to the disco made it a worthwhile evenng!

Nitmos said...

My only bout of food poisoning was the days before the Boston Marathon. Talk about timing. Sounds like a fun trip!

I Run for Fun said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Glad the after-effects of food-poisoning did not last.

Irene said...

It wasn't seafood in general, it was the tuna tartar. It's served raw, and it should have been cold but wasn't... It was served on a spoon, so it's not like we could have one taste and sent it back. It was only one taste... Ugh. I still like sea food!

It was pretty good! I'm glad the food poisoning symptoms only lasted about a day.

Well, after a couple of Coronas, we were just sort of relaxed and sort of started letting the ideas run away.

We had a great time!

Cindi (or whatever you're calling yourself these days!), WINNER! Lord knows what we'll actually do with the backyard. It's not the first time we've let our imaginations run away with our minds, especially after alcohol.

Me too!

He was sooooooo funny!

If we put a track in our backyard we would make it scenic, kind of like those guys who put model trains and tracks in their back yards. :)

Ugh. That had to be the worst!

I'm glad it was a short-lived issue. It was not fun!