Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lucky Number


Activity: Run - Treadmill
Date: 06/30/09 11:00 AM
Distance: 3.33 miles
Time: 0:35:00
Speed: 5.7 mph
Pace: 10' 30 min/mile
Calories: 332

I tried to get on a treadmill in front of a mirror, but there weren't any available, and it was really hard to see my form around the guy on the treadmill in front of me. When he did get off, I could at least see my shoulders in the mirror for a few minutes, but it was soon occupied by another guy, and much larger. Being on the gym treadmill is the only time I can really check my form because I can usually be right in front of a mirror while running, but there's only 6 treadmills right in front of the mirror, and they were all occupied today. The treadmill that I did use is different, and the cool down is programed for 5 minutes instead of 2, so my average pace reads much lower, factoring in the 5 minutes cool down.

Today's workout

Two sets each of:
*lunge matrix with a 12# ball - 6 sets, two different lifts, overhead and side
*bowler squats with a Glide, using one 10# dumbbell
*step-ups with a jump onto an 18" box X 15
*two footed jump squat onto an 18" soft form X 12
*one footed jump down from a 12" soft form X 6
*Burpees X 10
*Jump Matrix X 5
*200 yards run


I asked B about my proposed workout schedule, telling him that it reads as 8 days, and it sort of threw him. He was perplexed as to why I would think that, but it was the wording. It really does read as 8 days. He just didn't hash out the finer details in writing. Essentially, I'm working out and/or running a total of 6 days, with one rest day. He wants me to shoot for 4 days of running, which could be hills, intervals, my long slow distance run, or tempo runs. One day I would have to double up the a run and a strength workout, then I have 2 days at RU. I know how the workout schedules pan out. I've been doing the workout thing for the long haul, so it's not as if I couldn't figure things out on my own, but when you're going to someone for guidance, you kind of need to have the finer details. After a while it was just kind of funny.

Any way...

I picked up my race number and goody bag for the 5k run on the 4th of July:

Bonus points for the goody bag. It's one of those cloth-like, reusable shopping tote bags. I hope this is a trend that will stick around.

Monday's song:
Days Of The Week - Stone Temple Pilots



Jo Lynn said...

Since I just started following your blog, I'll have to learn your lingo - "B", "RU". I'll get it. Don't you worry.
Good run today though. 10'30", not too shabby. ;)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Best wishes on the race on teh 4th!

RunningLaur said...

Good luck at the race!

I Run for Fun said...

Good luck at the race. I love it when they give out reusable shopping bags.

Glenn Jones said...

Nice on the goody bag! I get so disappointed at a lot of races when all we get is a platic RRS bag with a bunch of flyers and coupons. Good luck on the race!

And you got me on the boredom thing. Treadmills - ugh.

Anne said...

I hope that trend w/ the goodie bags continues too.

Irene said...

Jo Lynn,
I keep forgetting that more than 2 people now read my blog. LOL.

Thanks. It's a run we return to just because that 5k was my first, about 9 years ago.

Running Laur,

The bag was a nice surprise. I hope to see those more often.

This is the second cloth bag I've received from a race. It just makes more sense. My brother actually received a dufflel bag at one race. For me, anything past 30 minutes on the treadmill is brutally boring, unless there's a good movie on...

For sure!