Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day


Activity: Run
Date: 07/04/09 07:35 AM
Distance: 3.06 miles
Time: 0:29:11
Speed: 6.3 mph
Pace: 9' 32 min/mile
Calories: 293

Out of the tens and under 30!

We ran in the Annual Coronado Independence Day 5k/15K this morning. My main objective was just to get parking, since the island can become rather congested quickly with 4th of July beach-goers, parade watchers, and runners for the 5k and 15k events.

I had no real race strategy until I was actually running. Sure, the mind always wants to go faster than the last race, but I knew how crummy my last run was, and I just wanted to keep an even pace and have some speed for the sprint at the end without wanting to throw up. Mission accomplished. Here's my splits per BiM:

Mile 1 9' 26
Mile 2 9' 28
Mile 3 9' 45
end 7' 46

I didn't think I could get out of the 10 m/m pace so quickly after my last 5k just barely a month ago, especially when adhering to the 10% rule, to never go faster than 10% until you're ready to. I'm surprised.

I quickly checked my stats before we left and my time at that point was 29:17. Official results will be posted later today.

We also saw a lot of track club members, but we didn't remember to bring out the camera until we were leaving and saw Marisan right after she finished her 15K:

...and she took a picture of us:

Michael had a good run, too. He finished around 32:30, and he wasn't expecting that, either. His last 5k was around 34 minutes.

Thursday's song:
The Best Is Yet To Come - Frank Sinatra - Katiefeldmom


468 IRENE M 2543 50 6/51 F San Diego CA 29:18 9:26

I guess being in a new age group has advantages. I placed 6th in my age group!


SavyArt said...

Happy 4th to you! And YAY on the time!!!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

WoooHooo! Awsome run!! Great job!!

Glenn Jones said...

WTG Irene! And yes - you're sure right about getting started! And it's not just our parents. I have a lot of friends that are already slowing down... (although I have to admit - sometimes after a long run tha sure sounds enticing).

Southbay Girl said...

Yeah Irene...what a great 5K time! Congrats! that is awesome! i hope you guys have a great 4th!

KatieFeldmom said...

Martina McBride.
WAY TO GO IRENE!!!!!!!!!!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Great job on the race, happy 4th! :)

Jo Lynn said...

That's a great time. I've never broke 30:00 on a 5K. Maybe this year. ;)
Have a happy Independence Day.

Anne said...

Glad you and Michael had a good time this morning. Parking on Coronado is tough on a non-holiday... Glad you breezed through the morning.

Joyce said...

Holy cow, Batman, you did awesome! :D

Evelyne said...

Congrats Irene!!! So awesome! LOVE the pic of the two of you, such a great couple! Happy Belated Fourth!

Miss Rachel said...

Sounds like a great way to celebrate the fourth. Sixth in your age group - w00t!

Deene said...

woot woot!! well done.

Irene said...


I'm on my way back. :)

Thanks! RE the age thing on your blog: You should see some of my friends. It scares me to see how they've let them selves go, mostly from the preventable disease side of things. It makes me sad.

Thanks. It felt good to have that time. I hope to keep things rolling!

Winner! Thanks.:)

I had a good 4th, and thanks.:) I'm really content with my time.

Jo Lynn,
Thanks. It was a good morning!
I'd love to get under 26 minutes. I have't PRed a 5k since 2003.

I guess it was one of those mornings where everything just fell into place for the both of us.


Thanks. That's a tired couple. :)

It feels good to be on the rebound. Thanks.

Yes! w00t! Thanks.