Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Always Asking Questions

Activity: Run
Date: 07/07/09 10:30 AM

Distance: 3.12 miles

Time: 0:32:00

Speed: 5.9 mph

Pace: 10' 15 min/mile

Calories: 304

HIIT on the gym treadmill per B's written instructions. I managed to hit the gym when it wasn't so busy, so I was able to use a treadmill right in front of a mirror. The mirror really helps. I also fit in some sort of version of the workout he had written up for me. I fit in a couple sets of lunge and squat matrixes, squat and lunge reaches, and push-ups between loads of laundry. I've decided to make Tuesday an overlap day, where I do a workout and run.

A question for all you runners:

When racing and trying to improve upon each race event, do you go for an over all PR, as in lifetime PR, or do you attempt a PR for your current age group?

I'm trying to decide if it's worth it for me to attempt to get an overall PR (personal record) a 5k race. The last time I PRed in that event was in 2003 at 25:45. I know that's not the speediest time, not even for my age group, 50-54, there's some ridiculously fast women in my age group, but considering all my issues I wonder if it's something to pursue. I don't know how realistic this is. I just want to see what I could do with a 5k distance at this point, especially while building back up to a half marathon race pace for this fall and winter. As for the half marathon distance, I wasn't that fast to begin with, so I know I can PR there. When I began marathon training, the 5k distance took a back seat, and I used it as a recovery run, without any major expectations. Perhaps I should start putting a few expectations back into my runs. The past 7 months have been all about rehabbing enough to finish a marathon with no specific time goal. I did that. Yes, I was satisfied, but it was more of an unfinished business thing. Yes, I truly was happy for the rebound marathon, but it was not a "woohoo!" kind of thing. I'd like to get the "woohoo!" component back into my races.

Yesterday's song:
Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar - Miss Rachel



RunningLaur said...

Good question! I hadn't thought of going for a PR within the age group, but I think it's a really good idea.

I haven't really done it myself yet, but I like the tiered goals that people set up for races. For example, goal 1 - just finish, goal 2 - beat my previous time, goal 3 - beat my overall PR time. Then the specific goal that you want to meet can be adjusted for race day conditions, etc. It also feels great to accomplish more than one goal!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I haven't been running long enough to have run in more than one age group! Probably is more reasonable to keep track of PRs by age group.

Jo Lynn said...

No help here - I'm just happy to finish. ;)

Lisa said...

I haven't been running long enough to move into a new age group. 40-44 is the only thing I know right now.

I agree with the tiered approach. Maybe you can "go" for the age group PR, but have the overall PR in your mind if you are feeling good. Sign up for a couple of 5K's and try to improve each one.

Good luck! I know you'll get a woo hoo soon. Are you doing the AFC 5K?

Glenn Jones said...

"I fit in a couple sets of lunge and squat matrixes, squat and lunge reaches, and push-ups between loads of laundry" Man - I'm wiping up the coffee you just made me spit all over my keyboard! Hilarious!

About your question - PR for age group. One of the unfortunate realities of getting older is that we slow down. Actually what happens is our max heart rate slows down. So, at some point it is no longer possible to run at the same paces that we did when younger. (But of course, aren't we wiser?)

Also today is a big day for me. First time I've got my comment in before AKA Alice. The challenge is on (:->)!

AKA Alice said...

Glenn beat me by over an hour...I'm gonna blame the PT! I do love a challenge! OK Glenn...game on!

I'll bet you could make your PR. You were getting pretty speedy before you got hurt, and you weren't even trying to get fast for a 5K.

Nitmos said...

You generally know where you are at fitness wise so set your goal accordingly. If you aren't at 2003 level, don't set that as a goal and be disappointed. If you want to get back to 2003 level, then set it as a long term goal and you'll know when you are close. Good luck!

HEATHER said...

I've always been in the 25-29 category (my running career is relatively new!) but I think I will always go by lifetime P.R.s But then again, ask me when I'm 57, I may have a different opinion :)

Anne said...

If you are blessed with ample fast-twitch muscles, I say a lifetime PR is worth pursuing. Glenn's right that it gets harder as we get older, but you've still got a lot of mileage left in those legs.

Miss Rachel said...

One woman... on her own, unstoppable... searching tirelessly... relentlessly... doggedly... for The Woo Hoo Component. ;-)

Irene said...

Running Laur,
This is the first year I've thought of age group PR. This will be the third age group I'll be in since I've been running.

Lisa slow n steady,
I keep thinking I have a little bit of a faster time in me, but we'll see. It depends how far I can go with all the workouts and now training.

Jo Lynn,
My last marathon was the *just finish.* I was glad to to it!

I've done the tiered approach, such as finish, beat my previous time, and now an overall PR is in the works. It may take a few months, it may take a couple of years.

Hey, I've gotta fit in sets when ever I can! I'm going to shoot for even a second off of my original 5k PR, just to have a goal.

AKA Alice,
LOL. You guys bust me up!
Anyway, there's always something to strive for, even if it's a one second pr.

I'm working on the getting in shape part to at least try and get close to that PR. I think I still have some fast-twitch muscles in me, somewhere.

I guess it's all relative. My brother has been running since high school and he's still getting PRs. He's 54.

I didn't start the race thing until my 40s, so I started off old(er) to begin with. :) I just feel like there's plenty of room for improvement.

LOL... I really want that "woohoo" component back! I may have to steal that quote from you. It's just too funny.