Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Get Around

Activity: Run
Date: 07/16/09 11:42 AM
Distance: 3.41 miles
Time: 0:34:13
Speed: 6.0 mph
Pace: 10' 03 min/mile
Calories: 327

Today I decided to change things up and did an out and back run at Mission Beach. I had to laugh a bit at the elevation graph because I usually have no choice but to run hills where I live. Here's how flat it was:

OK, so there's a little blip. That was just going up a slight incline towards the pier where I turned around. Knowing I would be at the beach, I brought some swim wear, a towel, sunscreen and my camera.

I'm still trying to figure out the self portrait thing. (Penny, how do you always take such cute self portrait pictures? Do I need to bring my dog along?) It's an odd angle, but, for whatever it's worth, that's me at the beach. Yes, I did go in the water, and it felt wonderful, especially on my tired legs.

I need to run at the beach during the week more often.

I had my session at RU yesterday. Even with DOMS it was more of the same. I was spent when I was done, but it was good. Eventually I'll have the body to go with the workouts. I'm still working on the fluff.

Tuesday's song:
Generous Return - Bruce Myers



Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

wow - that's REALLY flat running.

HEATHER said...

Ah yes, those look like the inclines here in Myrtle Beach. non existant!!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

I can't take good self-pics.

I Run for Fun said...

Wow...a run, ending in the beach! I'd love to do that.

barbie2be said...

"i get around" - that would be the beach boys! one of my favorite songs of theirs.

looks like a nice day to be at the beach!

Juls said...

Cute picture, Irene.

Jo Lynn said...

Yah, you won't get a lot of elevation when you're running at the beach, will ya? LOL


Pink Granite said...

You DO get around!
I admire your determination and dedication!

Evelyne said...

Oh, woman, you are SO cute! LOVE the self portrait! How very nice to have a beautiful beach so close and USE it!

Anne said...

You look great in the self-portrait. Very relaxed, and happy to be at the beach. Great way to "cool down."

KatieFeldmom said...

Nicely done. Thanks for the email with the links to the track clubs.

cami said...

Irene, I think you did a very good job on the self-portrait. And I oh so envy you for having the beach right THERE, in your back yard practically. :)

Miss Rachel said...

I have trouble doing self portraits too, but I think you did a good job on this one. As Evelyne said, what a great thing to have a nearby beach that you USE.

I wonder if I'm going to have that Beach Boys song going through my head now... "Round 'round, get around, I get around, yeah, get around woo-oo, I get around..." :-)

RunningLaur said...

So cool that you can jump in at the beach when you're done - that's some good preparation!

Deene said...

nice self-pic!
i like that giant bump in the middle of the route. did you hop over it?

Irene said...

Flat, but interesting. Lots of tourists.

It's a good change up in the running week, especially the flatness.

It took a few tries.

It was a VERY good day to be at the beach. Next time I'm going to go earlier. Winner!

Thanks. :)

I haven't done that too often, and now I'm wondering why. The post run jump into the ocean was great.

Jo Lynn,
I guess the hills depend on the beach! That one IS flat. Fluff is a nicer term than fat.

It keeps running interesting! Thanks.

I need to visit the beach more often!!! Thanks.

Just about any time at the beach is going to make for a much better day.

You're welcome! There's tons of clubs out there.

It's not very far at all. I feel fortunate to live here. I need to go to the beach more often.

It took a few tries to get me centered and not showing things I didn't want to show! I need to visit the beach more often, that's for sure.

I always have a swim suit and towel in the trunk of my car, just in case...

LOL. I wish I could have jumped over that bump in the run! LOL.