Monday, June 29, 2009

Days Of The Week


We spent time at home fixing things around the house and gardening. I found more "planted" avocados, planted by my dog. The only thing is now some of the avocado seeds are starting to sprout. Someone suggested I dig those up and give them out as gifts. Aside from finding the sprouts, I pulled a lot of weeds and stray grasses, and that was just a small section. I really do need a bulldozer to take care of everything and just be done with it.


Workout at RU today.
I got the usual killer workout, except this time I did barbell squats with 85#.

We're having some very un-San Diego weather here today. It feels somewhat tropical and humid. I was rained on. I'm glad it wasn't just me drenched in sweat when working out.

My PT sent me an e-mail, per my request, with a general workout for when I'm not working out at RU, 4 days of running - varied between my long runs, intervals, hills and tempo runs, strength training 2 days, and (of course) the two days I workout at RU. I just did the math. That's 8 days. Last time I checked there were only 7 days in a week, unless I missed something, and even so, I should have at least one rest day. I don't think he meant the workouts as it reads, but it does read as 8 days.

I found a really good referral to a raspberry buttermilk cake recipe off of Not Soccer Mom's blog, who found it on another blog, but it's also on The recipe is pretty straight forward and, in my opinion, easy. I've made this cake three times already. I might have to try this cake with blueberries next. It comes out exactly as it looks here:

Photo from

Saturday's song:
Dream Of The Blue Turtles - Sting - Run-DMZ



Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

that cake looks delish!

Glenn Jones said...


Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Oooh cake! I love raspberries! I just ate some as part of my lunch.

Anne said...

That really does look good. Now to just find a recipe for all those avocado trees that keep sprouting up in your yard

cami said...

That cake looks very good. I may try to make it myself. :)

AKA Alice said...

Yeah...8 days? Sounds like one or two too many for me. Perhaps the PT intends for you to do strength training and running on the same day?

Anonymous said...

OH that cake looks and sounds DEEE-lish! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear of you running again. It was a long recovery and I know you are still healing, but to hear of you running makes me smile. 8 days of workouts? Wow, imagine how fit you'd be! LOL. Husband did some weeding of our front the other day, it looks loads better. I hate gardening. It's why I'm going for an apartment! Hugs girl!

I Run for Fun said...

That's a lot of workouts. Is your focus on running or on strength training? I find myself exhausted if I do both running and strength training on the same day, so if I do that, I rest the next day.

KatieFeldmom said...

"well-shaken buttermilk" -- that's a new one .... never seen it before.

Deene said...

hmm, 8 workouts - maybe the pt thinks you are tri training and you have a brick scheduled on one day.

Irene said...

It is!

I could easily eat a whole one of these cakes by myself...

Then you'll have to try it!

I so need another recipe besides guac. Michael's mom adds sugar, ice and milk to the avocados and blends it. It's sort of odd to have a sweet avocado concoction.

Let me know how it turns out! It was a hit here!

AKA Alice,
Well, yeah, the intention was there, but he didn't mention it in writing. Ah well. At least he remembered to send me the e-mail. I've been asking him to set up something for the past couple of weeks.

LOL. I told him about the 8 days this morning. At first he was perplexed, then it was just funny. Details are everything!
I go back and forth on the yard. Some days I'll be very much into the gardening, other days I wonder if condo living would be a better option. I do love where I live, though.

The main focus is rehabbing my running, and strength training is a big part of that.

I know. I've never seen that before, either. Does buttermilk settle? It seemed pretty consistent right out of the carton, though. I dunno.

Funny you should say that because he just did a tri before sending me that e-mail. Perhaps his head was still in tri mode?