Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Straight And Narrow Way

Yesterday morning was the track club's marathon pace run over at Hospitality Point. Everyone runs up and down a two mile stretch as many times as possible for two hours. They even set up a huge clock so we can at least get an idea of our two mile splits. I decided to take pictures for the track club instead of run since the ankle is still not quite right. Even though the run itself is rather boring, I kind of like this particular run because we get a chance to see everyone run, whether if it's side by side or in passing. I enjoyed taking pictures but I soon found out that a certain five year old boy had messed around with the settings on BOTH cameras I brought, and some of the shots on my back-up camera were over exposed - it took me a while to get the settings just right, and the other camera had pictures of things like nostrils, fingers, the ceiling, toys, video games, and such, but a lot of those pictures were locked, and the only way I could unlock those was to delete everything, and I already had taken several pictures of the runners. I was disappointed with the quality of some of the shots, especially off of the back-up camera, which seemed out of focus and grainy, but at least I was able to contribute something. Even though I had technical difficulties, I did get a few shots that I really liked:

Everyone is just starting out. Notice how fresh and happy everyone looks! That's AKA Alice on the far left side of the photo wearing the white track club t-shirt, black leggings, and a big smile.

My husband and Coleen running in to make mile four. There's usually a few more in their group but I think the Spring Break vacation had something to do with the many no-shows.

Four miles done!

Our fearless leader, Paul, giving out words of encouragement to everyone. "You make a difference!"

Before I forget:
The first couple of days of Spring were rather gray here. I had every intention of going outside and capturing what ever is left, besides weeds, in our backyard. I never made it out. My son brought these flowers in from our yard after mowing the lawn. I'm glad someone remembered.

Friday's song:
Superhero - Jane's Addiction



AKA Alice said...

I loved seeing you at the turnaround! Thanks for taking a great shot of me!

Hope your ankle is feeling better soon. I miss you out there!

AKA Alice said...

Oh...and I don't see a charge for Nike Women's on my credit card yet...I'm hoping it's just the weekend and it'll be there tomorrow...darn...

Anne said...

That was so nice of you to head out there and take photos, even if the camera didn't initially cooperate because it had been earlier co-oped by an industrious kindergartener.

Laura Lohr said...

That is one of the most boring runs of the training program, for sure. I have to agree, but it looks like you still had a good time. Hope the ankle gets to feeling better.

Irene said...

AKA Alice,
I had a good time. I get to see everyone go by. :) The ankle is SLOWLY getting better. Thanks. I'm kinda doubtful that I got into Nike. No charges yet... There's always plan B.

It amazes me what a 5 year old can do. Scary!

Thanks. I had a good time watching everyone go by. I hope the ankle is back to normal quite soon! I wanna run!