Thursday, March 19, 2009

One More Day

A few random things:

Here's the kid and my son decorating sugar cookies on St. Patty's day. We made sugar cookies with orange flavored glaze drizzled over the cookies, colored green to look like grass, and flower sprinkles were placed on the top. The picture doesn't really show what they looked like (I didn't use the good camera) but the cookies looked great all on the same plate -- like a little bit of Spring. (The kid had his hair all spikey for crazy hair day at school, but it didn't stay up, so that's how it ended up)

Check out Kath Eats Real Food. She's on a trip to Kenya, visiting with the tea growers. Many of the photos are just stunning.

Tendinitis. Yep. That's what's going on with my ankle.

The hip is improving by leaps and bounds. I can now do some exercises that I couldn't even think of doing just less than a month ago, and that's even with the sore ankle.

Wednesday's song:
I'm Not Running Anymore - John Mellancamp - Katiefeldmom



Melanie said...

sorry about the tendonitis... but glad the hip is feeling better! Cute pic :)

KatieFeldmom said...

I'm shooting for two in a row: Diamond Rio???

Cookies look yum!!!

leslie said...

Sorry about the bum ankle -- hope it's much better soon.

Love the photography on Kath Eats. Can you recommend a good photography book?

leslie said...

Also, what beautiful boys you have in your life!!!

Irene said...

The ankle is kind of a bummer but I'm hopeful it will be back to normal soon, along with the hip!

You're on a roll. Winner! The cookies were delicious!

I'll have to think about the photography books. Would you believe I don't have one? Thanks. Those are my guys!