Thursday, March 26, 2009

4 Minutes

Activity: Run - Treadmill
Date: 03/26/09 12:00 PM
Distance: 3.50 miles
Time: 0:42:00
Speed: 5.0 mph
Pace: 12' 00 min/mile
Calories: 336

Today's treadmill run was 4 minute intervals for 40 minutes with Lance Armstrong in my head. The last two minutes were the cool-down per the treadmill program. The ankle is tight but feeling so much better. I'm still icing it after every workout or run.

Other stuff:
Here's a blurb from the other day, while picking oranges and avocados with my grandson:

"Mimi, look at that lady bug and be careful not to step on it... Where did it go? I don't like spiders. Is that a spider? Is this orange ready to pick off the tree? This bag of oranges is too heavy. Avocados are gross. I like apples, oranges, tangerines and bananas. Avocados are yucky. They make me throw up. Avocados make me throw up a lot. When I throwed up, I throwed up in a trash can. It's really gross. Avocados are gross. Can we find another lady bug? I really don't like spiders. Spiders are scary and I say 'eeek.' We need to stay away from bees. Be careful, Mimi, so you don't fall down. Why are all of those oranges up so high? Is it OK to pick up the oranges from the ground? Can we pick the green oranges? What about the old oranges? Those look yucky. This bag of oranges is so heavy. Can we make orange juice? I'm thirsty."

Monday's song:
Water In The Sky - Phish



Melanie said...

Madonna with JT! Kids are the cutest :)

Backofpack said...

Ah, he's a cutie! Hope your ankle continues to improve.

Anne said...

It's good that you get all this down on the blog, where it can be archived for the day when your grandson denies ever having such a conversation!

AKA Alice said...

Glad the ankle is feeling a little better...what is it with ankles anyway? Mines been sore too, but I think it's all really related to my achilles tendon and it just feels like my ankle is sore. GAH!

Love your grandson's stream-of-conscious report on apples, oranges, avocados, ladybugs, and throwup! Priceless

Irene said...

Winner! That was just a portion of the conversation!

Thanks, and the ankle is so much better.

I need to get a recording...

AKA Alice,
I know! I hope that's the extent of the foot injury thing for the both of us! As for the kid, he's suddenly going through a very chatty stage right now. It's kind of funny.