Monday, March 30, 2009

The Morning After

Never EVER put me in charge of making mixed drinks... We helped to celebrate our friend Sam's birthday. I made mojitos from an internet recipe. Oh, the drinks came out great, and after a few we were feeling no pain... Now I remember why we quit doing margarita weekends. The mojito could easily replace the marg. I wasn't hung over, but I had sports rehab this morning, and it made for a more challenging than normal workout. Now I remember why I went to just one alcoholic beverage per week, if at all. I just don't bounce back like I did when I was a twenty-something. Duh.

My therapist did another quick movie clip of me running. He's going to try to overlay today's movie with the one he did when I first started going to sports rehab. If he can't do the overlay, he'll do a side-by-side comparison. I'll try and post those here, if they let me.

Saturday's song:
California Sun - The Ramones



Pat said...

that would be cool to see the overlay of your running style.

Karen Carpenter? It's embarrasing to even make this guess.

barbie2be said...

hehehehehe... that's one reason why i don't drink very often. the other reason is that all my meds say not to drink while taking them. :(

barbie2be said...

oh yeah... linkn park?

AKA Alice said...

Oh...I have a more embarrassing guess than Pat's...isn't it Maureen McGovern...from the Poseidon Adventure (dear lord I'm old...)

It'll be cool to see the overlay or side by side, but I can tell the difference when I see you run.

Mmmmmm Mojitos? Are you sharin' the recipe?

Irene said...

I'm eager to see what my therapist does with the movies. Good song guess, but no. ;)

I'm such a lightweight anymore...
Also, good guess, but no.

AKA Alice,
Winner! What's worse is that I used it as a blog title... Yep. My age is showing. Click the words "internet recipe" on the blog post and it will take you to the Bacardi site. I used their basic mojito recipe.

Pat said...

I loved the Posiedon Adventure. I could watch shelly winters swim thru tight spaces all day long. Not really, but I do remember the scene.

Irene said...