Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hey Muscles I Love You


Activity: Run
Date: 03/03/09 06:35 PM
Distance: 4.39 miles
Time: 0:45:53
Speed: 5.7 mph
Pace: 10' 27 min/mile

The track club workout was a threshold workout, but I came nowhere near the target heart rate, I hovered around 140-150. The right side of my hip, butt muscles, and quad muscles were rather sore/tight. I took it easy, very easy, and I even walked a little. The soreness is something different, but I will proceed with caution. I will be in touch with endocrinology, my surgeon, radiology, and the lab soon. These are planned appointments, but I'm going to see about getting in earlier.

Sports rehab is going well, and I think that's why I'm sore. I'm engaging muscles in my right leg that I haven't used properly in months. Someone at the track club workout last night commented that I run more evenly when I run just a little bit faster. When I slow down I look just a little gimpier. I guess that's a good thing. People used to ask me if I hurt upon seeing me run. It didn't hurt, I just looked extremely crooked, as pictured on the left (Photo from around the end of January). Sports rehab, as I said, is going well, but I feel so uncoordinated when doing some of the exercises. They'll show me how to do an exercise, but when I try to replicate it I just can't do it right on the first try. ("Is it right hand and right leg at the same time or right leg and left hand?") It's making me feel old, uncoordinated, dyslexic, and dopey. It's not that hard, really! When I do workout DVD's at home, I can stop and replay a segment and slow-motion it to get the steps. In reality people don't move in slow motion! I took dance classes in college, so I'm used to following the steps along BEHIND someone. When someone shows me in front, I just can't put it together. I DIGRESS. I swear, I'm not complaining because I am making progress.

I put my name in for the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco this October, but I'm keeping my options open for other events if that doesn't pan out this year. I won't stress over it. We find out who gets in on or around March 20th.

Sunday's song:
The Beat Goes On - Sonny & Cher - Run-DMZ



Anne said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you -- for the race, the continued rehab and the slew of medical appointments on your plate.

pchieng said...

Are you going to SF just for the Nike Women's Half Marathon? I'm sure you'll make a trip out of it, but good luck on the race and keep on training!

barbie2be said...

if you get into the nike this year we will have to meet up. i will come and cheer you on at the finish line. i won't be doing it again!

Irene said...

Thanks. The race was fine and the slew of appointments are mostly protocol...

I hope to get in this year!