Friday, March 20, 2009


I stole this one from Barbie2be:

Running IS my super power. What's yours?


More powerful than a five year old.
Able to run faster than the speed of molasses.
Leaps over sidewalk cracks in a single bound...

It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's the Merciful Shadow!
(AKA Eyeballrene)

Be your own hero.
The Hero Factory

If I had Photoshop I would have put a hydration belt around my waist, a running cap on my head, and a dumbbell or iPod in my clenched fist. Photobucket

Yesterday's song:
One More Day - Diamond Rio - Katiefeldmom



AKA Alice said...

That is sooooo you (with the hydration belt of course!)

AKA Alice said...

I"m soooo behind...I just went back and read your two previous blogs. I'm so sorry about the tendonitis. That hurts...but you're smart to take it easy. You know...

Deene said...

no hydration belt required because of the superpower, but need sound track.

Anne said...

You look stunning when you're Merciful.

Irene said...

AKA Alice,
I tried using a light saber, but it wasn't quite me. LOL. As for t he foot, I just sort of have to take it with a grain of salt. It's one dumb injury after the next!

Good points!

LOL, in cartoon form.