Friday, May 27, 2005

Down but not out

This was supposed to be a "taper" week but I ran only once this week, so far. I ran a very comfortable 12K distance on Tuesday, but by Thursday I was sick. It's a cold that's going around but it really knocked me out. I have no energy to run or to even set foot in the gym to try something else like the recumbent bike. I'm feeling a little better as I type this entry, so I hope I can get in an easy run around my neighborhood tomorrow. Even though my weight is stable and normal, I feel like I weigh a ton. I don't do well being sedentary, even when I know it's better listen to my body and rest... I''ve been easing up on the carbs since I'm not doing much, and I've been drinking plenty of water... Sounds boring but I dislike being sick. Ugh!

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