Thursday, May 12, 2005

Yeee Haaaa! Warmth!

The weather forecast calls for sunny skies and temps in the mid to high 70's, maybe even 80's. I guess with the arthritis stuff I've turned into a warm weather person and now I have a tan. I don't purposely go out and get a tan, I wear at least a SPF 15 sunscreen every day, and a SPF 30 or higher on the days I run outside -- with all the out door running I do, especially on Saturdays, I've gone from rather naturally pale to having more warmth to my skin tone and everyone notices. I am looking forward to my LSD run this Saturday with the warm weather. My knees will be much happier. I did a full on UBW with resistance bands today and really tried to challenge myself, especially since I haven't used the Bowflex or weights in about a month or more. I could have probably pushed myself a little further with the bands since I'm not really "feeling it" yet. We'll see.

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