Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Taper week and other ideas

Yesterday I decided to do upper body super sets with resistance bands. I think that was a wise decision because, boy, I sure feel it today! I also threw in 3 sets of 100 regular abs crunches, just for fun... Since this week starts my taper I ran an easy 3 miles in 30 minutes on the gym treadmill No, not fast but it was comfortable. I took a good 20 minutes to cool down and stretch. I am now planning my next strategy for AFTER the marathon, which is more strength training. I purchased yet another work out book "Lean, Long & Strong -- The 6-week Strength Training, Fat-Burning Program For Woman" by Wini Linguvic. It was at Costco so you know it didn't set me back much. I have yet to really read it but the color photos which illustrate the exercises are nice, plus there are some stretches and stability ball exercise that I would be inclined to try. I've had the majority of my work out success on BFL, but it's good to see what else is out there. My boss swears by Billy Blanks Boot Camp, and says it's really hard -- she's a work horse, so it's gotta be a toughie! I know I said I would post what I'm eating but with the carb loading my eating does not follow the BFL guidelines , especially from Wednesday evening to Friday evening when I do my carb load. I suppose I should log the food intake anyway, just for my reference, but I've gotten really lazy about doing that. I know what I need to/not eat, and what is working and what isn't. Whole grains have been working great. My Friday dinner is Asian cuisine, usually from Pickup Stix with brown rice. Yummy! I know a lot of runners dine on pasta but it didn't work out for me. I felt like I was running with rocks in my stomach -- 'Twas not a good feeling...

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