Monday, May 23, 2005

Hot in Las Vegas

Sitting out at the pool all day only turned into an hour... It was way too hot. 100+ degree heat and no shade just didn't cut it. The good thing about the Las Vegas trip is that I wasn't as bored as I thought I would be. It helped that there were some other non-architect people around as well. I did well with the eating and drinking and did not have to deal with hang overs, bloatedness or weight gain. I did fit in a 4 mile run on the treadmill at the Luxor gym. I dragged a little but I felt good that I did it. I also attended the convention and picked up a bazillion free pens and what ever else they had to give. Michael was like a kid in a candy store. He loves all the building supplies and shiny, new, state of the art materials and fixtures. We also walked up and down the strip in the evening, which is a long walk, but even though I got the 4 miler in that same day, I needed to keep moving. Even at midnight, it was still toasty outside. The newer casinos have state of the art filters and air conditioning systems, which helps with the smoke, but being a non-smoker, the smoke around me still made me feel as if I lit up myself. Only one person in our group was kind enough to ask if it was okay to light up. Nice guy. No other smoker in our group asked. Hmmmm. I didn't run today, even though I had planned to. I was exhausted, due to a late flight home. Tomorrow I have plans to visit the gym and get in a 40 minute run. I have "12 sleeps" left before the marathon. I restocked my MSM, but I need to hit up Costco for the Sam-e, as it's much less expensive there. The next couple of weeks are all about staying on track with out over training. I received my race number and corral number last week... Gotta chill. Nerves are starting to creep up. Gotta find that "Zen" state of being.

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