Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Getting anxious

It's June 1st and we're already experiencing June gloom weather... I just hope this weather doesn't mess with knee pain management or asthma... We're making plans to attend the pre-marathon expo on Saturday and hook up with my brother, Karl, at PF Changs for dinner, provided he doesn't object... I've been trying to do easy taper runs but getting sick didn't help. Yesterday I ran on the gym treadmill for 40 minutes and actually felt refreshed afterwards. Perhaps that was mental. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm ready for this marathon. I suppose I'm as ready as I'll ever be since I've followed the books as closely as possible and heeded the advise of more experienced runners and my chiropractor. What ever happens, happens. I suppose all virgin marathoners go through some sort of anxiety or pre-conceived notions of Marathon day. I guess I'm looking at this marathon like childbirth, and hopefully the labor won't be that intense or long, and the birth will be crossing that finish line.


Cathy said...

Good Luck Irene
I'm sure you will be fine. You got in all of your training miles. I'm looking forward to seeing a full report.
Glad that you are feeling better.

Irene said...

Thanks for your support!

Sarah said...

Just found your site! This is probably belated, but good luck!! I'll check back for a report...and I'll probably look through your archives so I can get as much *newbie* info as possible. I *may* try a marathon later this year...MAYBE! Run strong :-)

Irene said...

Thanks so much! I'm still recouping and I'lll put ALL the details in a day or so. I had such a good time at the marathon! It definitey is worth all the training and effort!