Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ramblngs, rantings, etc...

Yesterday turned out to be a no run, no exercise day, but not intentionally. I played front desk person at work while the other staff memebers had a seminar in how to use a very high tech piece of optical equipment that takes retinal photos. Retinal photos used to be done with a special Poloriod type camera, which was adequate but it was a flat, 2 dimensional photo. This new, nifty (huge) piece of equiment shows several computerized layers into the eye, in which the doctors can check the health of the eye, and if the patient is having prolbems this can be a valuable tool in aiding a diagnosis. Without getting into a ton of optometric vocabulary or a long winded explanation, this high tech piece of equipment will be a time-saver for the doctors. Sorry, the name of this machine escapes my mind at the moment! Arrgh! After work, I took my 17 year old son, Erik, to get his hair cut. It's a miracle! He said he would get his hair cut, but not at my place, so I took him to a "hip" place in Hillcrest. Keep in mind that his hair resembled the rock and roll hair of the 1970's -- really long and bushy. Someone said he looked like a cross between Jim Morrison and Slash... His hair cut was somewhat of a dissapointment because the lady at the shop gave him a dutch boy 'fro... not a good look... It looked okay wet but when it dried out the volume of his hair took over... I guess she never cut super thick, wavy hair before. Today I'm taking him to my stylist to "fix" the unjustice... Other foibles? My daugher ran out of gas, the dog left an unpleasant surprise on the carpet, every other call at home was a soliciter, Erik forgot his cell phone -- and was at the "Star Wars" premier but waited in line with all the others that HAD to see it at the midnight show -- his friends kept calling his cell phone a few times to see where he was in line. Blah, blah, blah! The best thing about yesterday was the gorgeous weather and free lunch from the guy training the staff on the new equipment. Today I'm going out to the gym for a tempo run and, perhaps some abs exercises. Next, it's all about packing for Las Vegas for the AIA convention this week end. I actually do not want to partake in this trip because, as a non architect, I will be bored. The last time we went to Las Vegas for a business related function I was bored silly since there was no one to hang out with while everyone attended seminars, and I don't gamble. (I have this thing about loosing my money...) I couldn't hang out at the pool because it was February and rather cold. Maybe, this time, will be different. The weather is much warmer so, maybe the pool will be a good place to hang out with a good book, even by myself.

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