Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Time to taper

I mustered my 20 miler on Saturday and it was not easy. There were changes in the barometric pressure through out my run so I was dealing with pain early on. It would go away but as soon as the clouds would move in I would definitely feel some discomfort in my knees. I ran my slowest training time ever. I averaged about a 12 minute mile pace. That sucks, but I did it. I just hope the weather will be kind by the time the marathon rolls around. Today I have plans to whip out my resistance bands and do my UBW. I am starting to get itchy about weight training again. I haven't weight trained in a few weeks now, just resistance bands, yoga type stretches and miles upon miles of running. The next 3 weeks will be my taper distance running, until the marathon. Even though it looks like I'm prepared for this first (and probably last) marathon, it's still an unknown factor for me. I need to start thinking "this RNR Marathon will be a ton of fun" instead of "26.2 miles is long."

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