Sunday, January 28, 2007

Traveling Without Moving

1:08 for my LSD run of 10K at the lake (by the now, old house) on Saturday. I didn't punch it up, just kept it easy. The weather was perfect for a long run... about 60 degrees F, a cool breeze from the lake and peaceful.

No rest for the weary... Hubbie and I went to the old house and moved more stuff. Someone suggested a garage sale but I just don't have the energy. Goodwill is more than happy to take our thing we no longer need. Somehow the stuff we no longer need is finding the path to the new house -- That's not supposed to happen!

There's more moving fun today!

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chantal2bfit said...

Question about running do you measure your pace & distance? Do you wear a Garmin?

Evelyne said...

Great job on the run. Moving sucks. I LOVE donating stuff to the Salvation Army. It's out of my house and going to a good cause.

barbie2be said...

HA! i beat fv tom!


my whole body hurt today from moving 7 yards of dirt on satuday. :(

KatieFeldmom said...

You might have already answered this....what are you doing with the old house? Selling it? Renting it? Just wondering.

I'd rather do a truckload to Goodwill than a garage sale too. Especially since those sales have to start so early in the morning. Who invented that rule anyway?

Irene said...

I wish I had a Garmin or something similar. Right now I use

Does moving EVER go well? It seems like certain things always get lost. LOL... We have three places where we donate our things we no longer need, just in case one of them is closed when we go, there's always another that will take our things. Love it!

LOL! Winner! I saw your blog with the dirt in the driveway! Holy smokes, that's gonna cause some sore muscles, moving all that dirt!

We're renting it out. Luckily, we have a trusted friend who will be renting it from us. In the new neighborhood, it seems like there's always a garage sale. I always see signs that say "no early-birds."