Monday, January 08, 2007

Light Up

The Arizona Rock N Roll Marathon/Half Marathon event is THIS Sunday... Am I ready? I guess I'm as ready as I'll every be, considering training was sparse. Hubbie and I did about an 8 mile run at the bay on Saturday. I came away from that run with no issues or pains. Hubbie had sore hamstrings, but that was it. We didn't bring a time piece, so I have no idea how fast (or slow) we ran. Our friends who are running the event with us are in the same boat, but they were sick with colds, but did manage a few runs as well. They're "waddlers" -- as a part of John Bingham's Penguins. I'm looking forward to this little break from real life. The friends who offered their house to stay at
are fellow BFL'ers. I met the wife through a BFL Women Over 40 online group. There's 5 of us left from the hundreds that used to belong. It will be fun!

In house stuff, we FINALLY agreed on light fixtures for the kitchen table and sun room. In all honesty, I've just settled. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted because everything I liked was WAY out of our budget. Hubbie and I conceded and decided to buy what ever Home Depot happened to have in stock on Saturday after our run. For the kitchen we picked out this red glass cylindrical fixture. It doesn't give off much light but at night the kitchen has a warm, red glow if we turn off the can lights.

For the sun room, it's not too exciting, but it's a parchment colored glass cylinder, which gives off a nice glow in the sun room at night, plus we can see it from the living room. It looks much better when it's on, but I couldn't get a decent picture.

Both lights are much more streamlined than I would have liked, but they do look much better than just wire hanging down from the ceiling.

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Katie said...

I can't believe the race is here already!!! WOW! Time flies. Hope you guys have a great time!!!!!

Cool light fixtures.

leslie said...

Lights are FAB!
My bio-dad is running Arizona RNR too.
Happy New Year!

chantal2bfit said...

Good luck on your half marathon! Your light fixtures are cool!

Anne said...

I love the light fixures. Can only imagine what the expensive ones must have looked like if this was your "settlement."

Irene said...

It did go by fast! I think we'll have fun being with our friends. The Rock N Roll series are always fun.

I think we're too picky. Hubbie and I couldn't agree the last time we went to Home Depot. LOL... That's cool about your bio Dad being in the half marathon, too!

I hope the weather is kind. I'm hoping for clear weather and no rain! We've been looking at so many light fixtures that it's mind boggling. I'm glad we finally picked SOMETHING. :)

I went to 3 different stores in the Morena area, and most everything was ridiculously pricey. The ones we bought at Home Depot were moderately priced. We bought 3 light fixtures for the price of just one light fixture at one of those lighting specialty stores on Morena...

jen (1leanmom) said...

LOVE the lights!! they are very cozy...makes me want to sit and enjoy some coffee! :)

FV Tom said...

I love the lights! I'll bet they look great in the new/old house.

I'll take a stab: Debbie Boone? Part of a title?

Good luck in AZ!

Irene said...

Thanks! The red one makes my kitchen glow. :)

Nope. That's the title. HINT: It's a guy band from the late '70. The lead singer played Pontious Pilat in "Jesus Christ Super Star" in later years.