Monday, January 22, 2007

Surfin' USA

Running Stuff:
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I've been surfing the web looking for a marathon training plan. I've taken a look at Smart Coach on, which is cool because I can plug in a previous race time (and other pertainant info) and it will give me a training schedule based on that info. My initial goal is to run a sub 5 hour marathon. I think there's at least one in me. Even if I do one second faster than last year's time, which was 5:13, that would make me giddy. Finishing on my own two feet is reason enough to celebrate. I am not trying to sell myself short. It's one of those personal "goals " that I'd love to achieve. I'm not being unrealistic. I just have to train, and train smart. I realize I have my work cut out for me, but that time goal is my Mount Everest. Back to Smart Coach, I plugged in a 4:50 marathon, just to see what the training would look like, and it's not treacherous, provided I don't get hurt, sick, or slack off the training. I've also taken a look at their Less-Is-More Marathon Plan. It's less days of running per week, including speedwork, tempo runs, long runs, etc. It's sort of what I ended up doing (by default) for marathon #1 in 2005 when I was diagnosed with arthritis. I may end up doing a combination of the two plans. Since I'm starting up things this week I do need to add a couple of weeks to the plan. I'll just do shorter runs this week, two 2.5 milers in the neighborhood and one 6 miler this Saturday at the bay, and I'll just duplicate that next week as well. Marathoning For Mortals by John Bingham is what I sort of followed for the last two marathons, and that's a 20 week program. I'll be okay with the 16 or 18 week plans since I'm not starting from scratch this year.

Workout Stuff:
Monday's workout was upper body circuits with resistance bands, high reps.

Other Stuff:
My dining room looks like a UPS warehouse... My kids moved tons of boxes from the other house yesterday while we were out. Yay, they did it, but the boxes were supposed to go in the storage area at the other end of our yard, which is like a small garage but big enough to put all of our things we can't go through at the moment... We had come home from a fun evening out, watching the Colts/Patriots game with friends, IN THEIR CLEAN HOUSE... We came home to a gazillion dusty boxes in my once clean dining room. Just one more thing to do and clean. (I keep telling myself that it's good that they moved the stuff, so it won't seem so overwhelming, and that they worked their butts off...RIGHT???? My kids are great... My kids ARE great.) I just wasn't ready.


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Chérie said...

I know there's a sub-five-hour marathon in you, too. But I like how much you worked on the finishing photos poses for the camera!

If you ever come to Utah, I'll have my Mom make you some apple pie :)

Your moving box story reminded me of the time LB and I were doing a two-way split with our move. Some stuff was going to the new third-floor apartment and many boxes of heavy books were going to storage. I carefully labeled all the boxes for the moving day (since I had classes and wouldn't be there to supervise). And somehow all the boxes of heavy books ended up in the new apartment. Good times.

FV Tom said...

Beach Boys!

Man, sure wish I coulda got our kids to move stuff. Even their own stuff would have been helpful a couple times. Your kids are great, your kids are great...

I can't even fathom running for 5 hours. Next thing you're going to tell me is that you run in a circle and end up where you started so in essence, you've not accomplished anything in 5 hours! Just kidding! You know how impressed I am with your running abilities. I'm just jealous! Good luck with your training.

Pat said...

If you do the John Bingham training, you can save 15%. The coupon code is ATAZ07. They had an ad in the AZ RnR Race Program.

Good luck,
Arizona, USA

Anne said...

Have you ever tried one of Hal Higdon's marathon training programs, such as Intermediate I? I've had great results -- PRs and injury-free -- when I've used it.

The training programs are at -- if you're interested.

Pamela said...

Akkkk on the moving dilema! but as Tom says moving anything IS GREAT! YAY Kids!
As to the Running ...I remain in AWE... 5hrs boggles my mind too!

Irene said...

With so many people in a event like that, I've learned, that if you want to have pictures, your number HAS to be seen high up on the chest, you have to try not to run in with a large group of people, and you have to make yourself stand out -- such as head up and arms up, etc. I guess there were a bunch of people who didn't get pics at the AZ event. If/when we get to meet in Utah, I will be looking forward to your mom's apple pie! YUM! I think everyone has moving stories... Does a move ever go exactly as planned? Yeah, good times!

You win!!!!! It wasn't all that long ago that I though I'd NEVER do a marathon. The running thing just sort of evolved out of all that HIIT on the dreadmill... Thanks for your encouragment.

Thanks for the info. I'll check it out and pass it along. :)

I took a look at Hal Higdon's training plans per your suggestion. I may incorporate some of it, especially from the advanced schedule -- hill training is one reason why. My new neighborhood has lots of great hills -- and who knows, I may do the La Jolla event if I can muster those hills.

My kids came through and did work hard. 5 hours boggles my mind, which is why I'd love to go a little faster! LOL... Thanks. :)

Faithful Soles said...

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chantal2bfit said...

I actually know this. Beach Boys! But man, looks like Tom beat me to it!

I've been reading Runnersworld forum too and there was a thread there highly recommending Marathoning for Mortals by John Bingham for beginners. I so want to get it but I can't find the Barnes and Noble gift card that someone gave me last year. Grrr!

Irene said...

I'll check it out. Thanks.

I liked John Binghams approach because it's a plan for the rest of us and easy to follow. I also liked "Marathon Training for Dummies" as a companion book to any plan you use because it goes over every thing else. Yeah, Tom is on a roll! :)