Friday, January 05, 2007

King Of Trees

This year I did something different than my usual Christmas tree with hues mostly of burgundy, gold, and cream colors, which had a somewhat victorian look with lace and bows. This year I felt like I needed a blue themed Christmas tree. I've never had a "blue" Christmas tree before. I found a several of my grandma's ornaments here, at the "new" old house, some blue and white ornaments that I happened to have, and some new ornaments that happened to be on sale at Target.

This ornament is Evan at about age 8 months or so. It's from my somewhat "Victorian" themed tree, but it's a white ornament, and he's so cute...

This glass onrament is one of my grandma's that I found in a box under the house. It's from around early 1960-something. I'm amazed that it was still in great condition, since most of the ornaments from under the house were not it the best shape.

How did this San Jose Rock N Roll Half Marathon cowbell get there???? Well, it is white.

Here's the whole tree, in the dining room, with Evan showing off his Lightning McQueen tricycle. The tree looks crooked in the picuture, but it was the angel who was making my tree look off - she didn't want to go on properly... Hey! Look at that great, shiney floor!

My son wanted the house to smell like Christmas, but by the time we went to get a cut Christmas tree, they were pretty much all gone. The nursery had living trees in pots for half price. Score! I couldn't use all of my Victorian looking ornaments on this little tree, so I just used most of the cross-stitched ones I made, plus a few that I knew Evan and the dog wouldn't break. This tree was placed in the sunroom. It's still alive and likes living in the sun room.

I always have to put up my kids pre-school ornaments... These ornaments made it up on the little tree. They're both about 4 years old in these picutures.

That was just a part of my Christmas decor this year. I also had a nativity scene that Evan was mesmorized by. He embelished it a little by adding a dinosaur, a small Elmo figurine, his favorite car - the Mini Cooper, and a few Hotwheels... He also rearranged the Three Wise Men, who appeared to be (in Evan's words) "running away from the scary dinosaur." I regretfully did not get a photo of this scene, but it sure was funny.



shoparound said...

What a treaure to find those ornaments! I love the blue ornament in the picture. It's a very pretty tree with the colors you've chosen. Lightning looks like he's a fast trike too. Happy New Year!

Miss Rachel said...

Your tree looks beautiful and I like the idea of doing a "color scheme theme." I also have old ornaments from my grandmother, and they are some of my favorites.

sister smile said...

How pretty. all of it. I'm glad you have some ornaments to remembery your grandmother by. Treasure them!

Pamela said...

Great Trees! & love all the Pics of the Grands! & yep Evan looks VERY fast! tee hee!

barbie2be said...

Cat Stevens

I love the look of the tree on those gorgeous hardwood floors!

Katie said...

Beautiful tree, floors, and ornaments. Love the story behind the ornaments too!!!!!

Irene said...

I have a TON of ornaments that I didn't even use this year... I usually cram my tree with everything I can find. LOL... I hope to do up the blue tree with more stuff next year. I skipped the bows and beads this year. I love the whole Christmas decorating thing. It was low keyed this year. :)

It was fun discovering the old ornaments. :)

Sister Smile,
There were some ornaments that my grandma had made in her later years. They're a little gaudy, but since gradma made them, they made it up on the tree...

Evan is speedy, even without the trike! LOL!

Winner! Cat Stevens once again. I love my floors. I hope that (between Evan and the dog) they stay shiney for a little while.

Thanks. The floor was a workout all by itself!

FV Tom said...

Everything looks so lovely, Irene. Very nicely done. Would have been fun to see the "modernized" nativity scene!

Irene said...

Thanks, Tom!