Monday, February 13, 2006

Issues On My Mind

Escrow should close in just a month and things should be easy from here on out but they're not. Same old issues with my aunt complaining about every little, unimportant issue and my dad having to put up with it. She comes at him with verbal diarrhea and at high volume, and he was yelling back, but now he just calmly says "stop yelling at me," and doesn't feed into her tantrums. If it wasn't the price of the house she yells about, it's the bids for the tenting, then not wanting to pay to have the old toxic liquids in the shed and junk removed from the property, etc, and so on... She thinks we're "getting a bargain" on the price of the house. We're actually paying over market for it. She insists that the house could have been sold for $100K more than we bought it for. Is she on drugs or what? Maybe she needs drugs... I've tried to put myself in her shoes so I could possibly understand where her head is at on this, and I just can't. The house and property have not been upgraded since, oh, about 1946, when the house was built -- oh wait, I take that back, new bathroom sinks and toilets were installed about 20 years ago. The reason why I want to hang onto this house is because it was one of the first houses in that area and there's a lot of family history there -- I couldn't see the house bulldozed down for condos. I posted about this a while back, when my aunt originally denied us the sale of the house. It was all about the money. She wanted as much money out of us as possible -- she has even verbally solicited the sale of the house to bring the price up, even though she says she didn't, but I had one of the contractors tell me otherwise -- that she asked him if he wanted to buy the house... I've trying hard to "bless and release" my aunt, and I've been as nice as can be when I am in her presence, but it's getting tough.

Other random thoughts:

What's up with gaucho pants being back in style? I didn't like them the first time around and, to me, they look hideous, unless you have a model's physique. I think, for most women, gaucho pants are a fashion don't. I hope they're gone by this fall or sooner....

I thought the opening ceremony to the Winter Olympics was just odd. Did anyone else think it was weird that mostly American/English 70's and 80's disco and dance music was played during the "Parade of Nations?"

This one is my personal issue with myself... My writing abilities have gone down the tubes... I write as if I were talking, and that's probably wrong, as well. English was one of my best subjects in high school and college and I lived for essay questions... I look back at some of my posts on my blog, and comments I've made on other blogs and just cringe...

I'm still on the look out for new running shoes that aren't gong to be discontinued in the near future... I have a good couple of months to do that...


Today's Workout

I was backup day care for Evan today, so I didn't get started until 4 pm.

I'm finally getting back to somewhat of a decent lower body workout. I did a warm up with the row seat attachment, then did circuits of hamstings, quads, and abs -- 5 rounds 30 reps each at a moderate weight (total of 50# of resistance on the Bowflex) Did regular crunches on the bench.

Yesterday's free meal was quite tremendous. We took the inlaw's out downtown for Brazillian cuisine. It was overwhelming since it was a chuhascaria, where they bring all of the barbecued meat to your table on skewers, cut it off the skewers to a common plate on the table, and the rest of the food is buffet. I broke down and had a caiparinha, which tastes somewhat like a margarita, but has it's own distinct flavor since it's made with cachasa. A day later I still feel stuffed. Today's food intake is very much 100%.


Cathy said...

I'm sorry you are still having problems with your greedy aunt.

Send her here for up to date info on the San Diego market:

I'm sure that you and your hubby gave her a fair price, especially since prices are now trending down!

Irene said...

It makes my husband and I extremely ill when we think that a "family member" drove up the price of the house. I would love to show my aunt the article but it wouldn't matter. In her mind, the location of the house should dictate more money, which is partially true, it's near the bay and has a partial view, but the house needs so much work. I've also checked out, which you've posted on your blog, and that site lists the houses slightly lower than the market is dictating at the moment, but not by much. lists the house about $200K less than we're paying for it... Really.