Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sleep. It's a good thing.

There's nothing better than a really good night's sleep. Yesterday I spent a good 6 hours or so cutting back and pruning bushes and trees with my son at the soon to be new (old) home. Technically, I shouldn't be doing the trimming, as the seller (my dad and aunt) should be, but I'm doing this to help out my dad, not my aunt who has been a royal pain to deal with -- and I'm being nice. I did the "Yard Work Workout" yesterday, and I am SORE. Definetly feeling DOMS today. With all that cutting and pruning and hauling, etc... I wore myself out.Image hosting by Photobucket I slept so very soundly and woke up feeling great!

Today I did a 2.5 miler in 26 minutes. .Image hosting by PhotobucketStill, not my fastest time but I felt invigorated afterwards.

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