Sunday, October 16, 2005

Roller Coaster

Work outs and running this week have been sparse. I did manage to get in one 4 miler high intensity interval run, one session of Tae Bo and one session of weight training. I'm usually on schedule with alternating working out and running each day, 6 out of 7 days a week. This week was difficult due to the emotional roller coaster I have been on.

A huge "UP" moment this week was meeting someone I had met through I was so wonderful meeting "Bigazahouse" (John) in person. He was out here on business and took time out to meet with me. He's a great person and knows his workouts and weight training stuff. It's so nice to talk to someone about working out and not have them look back at you like you're speaking Martian. Most people around me do not work out with the same intensity or enthusiasm I do -- They all think I'm nuts. Actually, I'm not nuts, I just want to be healthy as I can with in reason. He also brought me a little goodie bag of chocolates from another buddy, "Reddraggin" (Sherry). I must say the chocolate came in handy on the days I was having a hard time...

A major "DOWN" this week was being told that our offer to purchase the house my grandfather built was "unacceptable" in my aunt's and cousin's eyes. We felt our starting offer was respectable, but we had 3 other written offers with higher amounts in our hands, just in case. We did not show those offers because it wouldn't have made a difference. The feeling was that they didn't want ME to have the house because it wouldln't be fair to anyone else in the family because I would benefit from the sale of this house... Huh? Financially, this house would put me and my husband in a money hole for a while because the house needs so much work. My intention is to keep the house in the family and to NOT bulldoze the house down to put condos in its place then sell it off... There's a lot of family history behind the house. It was one of the first houses built in that area in about 1946. My grandfather built the house. It is on a hill that faces Mission Bay in San Diego. I know there would be major regret in the family if someone else, outside the family, would buy the house because we know the house would be torn down, the lot would be split for either 3 townhomes or two separate houses. This is the house that I spent my summers at with my grandparents, and picked up my love for gardening. The house is more than just fond memories, it's of historical value. Compared to other parts of the US, San Diego is relatively "new." The 1940's doesn't sound THAT old, but for a house that was one of the first houses in the area, it may have some historical value. We're thinking of enlightening some local historical group about this house. We have photographs of when the house was being built, original blue prints and other documentation. We'll see what happens. I was quite heartbroken when my aunt said our offer was unacceptable and didn't bring up counter-offering. She just whipped out a written offer that someone supposedly sent her lawyer. Hmmmm... The house isn't even listed. My dad was not happy with that. I tend to be a pretty stoic person and hold my emotions pretty close, but after that meeting I felt like crap, and I went home and cried. It was so overwhelming that it felt like my mother had died all over again. It's that important to me to hang onto this one bit of my family history. In my husband's family in Iowa, they keep property in the family and work out a deal, because it's FAMILY. I guess instant financial gratification is all my aunt is interested in. I'm looking at the big picture where no one else is.

After not sleeping after that "meeting," the next day I went to a spa day with my coworkers for my bosses' birthday. When I arrived at the spa they were already looped on mai tai's. I didn't have time to unwind with a drink because I was whisked away to my 80 minute deep tissue massage. That massage was just the thing I needed. My back was knotted up and the lady who worked on me managed to get all the kinks out... Later on that evening we went out for dinner with my nutty coworkers and boss... It was good to laugh and unwind in a big way. I slept well that night. I was neither "UP" or "DOWN" -- I was feeling nice and steady, and that's good.

Since all house talk that one night, I have been chatting with my dad and we still might be able to make it happen. There is a glimmer of hope that we can still work this house thing out. My dad IS the main person on the will, but he said he would included my aunt in everything, even though she is secondary. He's regretting keeping her in the loop...

Here's another "UP": Today is my daughter's 22nd birthday. We'll do presents after dinner, and maybe have my dad and in-laws over for cake.

I'm hoping this next week will be more "normal." I'm so exhausted...


jeff said...

That really sucks about the house. I would have whatever sibling is your parent try to mess up the deal. Property should stay in the family.

Nice blog.



Cathy said...

Egad what a week Irene. I'm sorry that your aunt is being so difficult. Unfortunately we can't pick our relatives. I hope that you and your father can work something out.

I'm glad that you at least had some positives (meeting Bigazahouse and getting a great massage) this week.

Be well


Anonymous said...

Now I know what I want for Christmas...massage..yep, that's the ticket LOL!

Sorry about the housed deal. It sounds like a lovely place. I hope you and your dad can work out some of the kinks so you can buy it.


Irene said...

Thanks for visiting! I will never understand their ananlogy, other than they don't belive that I want to bring the house back to its glory days.

There is a glimmer of hope and not really far fetched. We haev some honest and creative ideas on how to manage everything. BTW, Bigazahouse is a sweet guy!

Every occasion deserves a massage! It was exactly what I needed! As for the house, I hope it doesn't slip through my fingers...