Thursday, February 09, 2006

Eye Witness

Yesterday afternoon I had witnessed something bizarre. As I was exiting the Costco building on Fletcher Parkway in La Mesa, I happened to look up and in the not so far distance there was a big explosion in the sky. I stood there and watched all kinds of flaming debris cascade towards the ground. This was all too surreal. Amazingly, with all the people at Costco, there were only a few of us who saw this explosion in the sky. I asked one of the guys at the Costco garage if he saw the explosion, and he said he had not... Once I got to my car and put my groceries in the trunk, I called a friend who I knew would be home. He happened to have the news on and there were reports of a mid-air collision. Since I've been home and been watching the news, it was a couple of small airplanes that collided, and most of the fuselage landed in a park next to a high school, and in the backyards of a few homes, some pieces landed on a home but no serious damage. Three people, who were in the airplanes, were killed. No one on the ground was hurt. The UT article explains more.

Workout stuff...

I said I wasn't going to run until the hip issue was completely resolved. I just couldn't stand it anymore. I went out for a run this morning and I sure felt rejuvinated. The hip still feels a little sore but it didn't bother me any more or less. I ran about a 2.5 mile loop in my neighborhood in about 26 minutes.

I missed my Tuesday weigh in so I did it yesterday and weighed in at 125. That felt good but I happened to weigh myself today and it was down at 124. I hope that's not one of those fluke things and that the weight is going in the right direction. I hope my body fat percentages haven't gone up, though, even though the weight is going down. My Ormon still says 25%, which is in the okay range but I'd like to be somewhere around 18%. I want to be as fit as possible for this year's marathon. Last year I sort of blew it and didn't pay attention to my body fat percentage and lost a lot of tone when I started with the high mileage training.

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