Monday, February 06, 2006

On The Fitness Front

When I originally started this blog I had planned to keep track of my running and fitness progress, and throw in other miscellaneous blurbs of "whatever" here and there. It's kind of turned into more of the "whatever" and less running and fitness, which is actually emulating what's really going on. It's time to get serious about training again.

Since signing up for the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon (on June 4, 2006) I have not run. I've been having problems with my right hip and have been to my chiropractor for it. Since I had a decent running base before the hip problem happened, I think it will be relatively easy to slide into marathon training. I am still working out with weights and did my long slow distance mileage as a walk instead of a run. I probably won't ever do any speed training, but as long as I can do the miles I will be fine. My marathon goal has never been about time, it's been about finishing. I'm happy to say that my knees aren't bothering me, even with the established running base prior to the hip issue.

In the current issue of Runner's World, there's an ad for Jelly Belly "Sports Beans." They sort of compare to those sports gels, but I wonder how good they are. I'll have to give them a try. At last year's marathon, people in some of the neighborhoods we ran through passed out regular Jelly Belly's. Even though it's mostly sugar, it was a nice switch to have a little something with decent flavor besides a sports gel.

I'm still on the search for another running shoe. I may have to visit Road Runner Sports in my area just so I can try on everything in my foot category. Ugh!


D said...

They sell those little packs at our corner curb store/gas station. They pretty much are regular jelly belly's wtih some vitamins and guarana/herbal stuff thrown in. Those ittybitty packs sell for nearly as much as the regular packs of jelly bellys. Just too much for me.

Hope you get that hip thing straightened out soon.

Irene said...

Good to know! I might do an little experiment on my own just to see if there is a difference... But I sort of know what to expect.

The hip is feeling better each day... thanks!