Saturday, May 22, 2010

Don't Stop Believing

 Guard(en) dog

It has been kind of a long and busy week.  I even missed Wordless Wednesday.  I would have posted the above picture. I'll try to catch up as best as possible without putting you all to sleep.

Went into orthopedics for X rays and chat with a PA. The PA seemed to think my bone was calloused over enough and I could resume normal activity, with reason. She suggested building up to running again, giving myself 3 weeks to do so. The boot got the boot and they don't want to see me any more! 9 weeks is how long it took for the bone to heal enough. It's still healing, but now I can move around without that boot again.

I went in to my usual RU session. I had sent Bryan my very last set of x-rays, and he knew I was good to go. First thing he gives me a big hug because I've been given the OK to resume "normal" life, but then it's business as usual, and I was back to a really good and sweaty workout. He also had me work out longer than normal. My time slot is usually an hour, but I put in about 2 hours, plus I had my foot and shin worked on due to shin splints from the 6 mile walk last Saturday, then ice. The the foot massage still isn't a fun experience, but having the shin worked on was extra special. I really had to dig super deep to find my happy place. He said it would feel better later, but in the mean time he told the PT next to him to hide all sharp objects from me, because I might hurt him after that therapeutic massage. Oww.  All joking aside, I no longer had any foot discomfort what-so-ever because my shin hurt so much after that.

After fun and games at RU, I actually set foot in Costco. I was very aware of foot placement in conjunction to other people's carts. I wouldn't use the term "paranoid." I was just more mindful. It figures that in the time I've been out, they've rearranged where they put some of their items. I couldn't find the only dog treats my dog will eat, but I did discover chocolate Cheerios and big bags of precooked frozen brown rice.

Once I got out of Costco I soon discovered two phone messages from my grandson's school. He's sick and his mommy isn't available, and it's up to me to rescue him. Poor kid. He was pretty miserable with his "throat on fire," but didn't have a fever. The fever kicked in later, though. Mommy took him to the doctor but there's still no infection, it's just a bad cold/flu.

I stayed at home with the kiddo. He's feeling good one minute, lousy the next. He camped out on the sofa with a big blanket, some herbal tea and toast while I sat next to him and hemmed my jeans, the ones I bought at AKA Alice's party a over month ago. I actually had some place to wear my new jeans!

Thursday evening Hubs and I went to a MS fundraiser sponsored by RU. It was held at the Double Deuce downtown, only $20 per person, which included 2 drinks, substantial appetizers and a raffle ticket. The Double Deuce is sort of a Western-ish bar/night club, complete with electrical bull riding and a stripper pole. The stripper pole was in the same area as the appetizers and I made the mistake of leaning on it, to which Hubs immediately made some snarky comment. Sheesh. I was able to catch up with a lot of people who ran the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and Half Marathon in December '09. People paid to see the PT's ride the bull, with all the proceeds going to the MS Society. I also got to see my PT, Bryan, ride the bull, which was pretty funny, since he was wearing a few pairs of underwear and a pink women's tank top.

He really needs to come out of his shell...

Not just the guys did this.  Jessica, a PT, was amongst several of the women who rode!

The kiddo is still sick at home. He spent the morning sleeping. I took that time to garden a little, and discovered that some insect got into the roots of my seedlings and killed a whole bunch of them. I did what I could to save the rest and I might have planted a few too early, but with the hopes that they'll do better in the ground.

Friday evening Hubs and I attended a live art exhibit. A friend of ours paints models bodies, methodically and very strategically, then the model lays on a canvas or foam core board to make an imprint. It was quite the event and fascinating to watch.

  It was incredible to watch him work. 


I went running with the track club. It started out as a walk/run, with a ratio of 2 minutes of walking to 2 minutes of running. That walk/run thing only lasted for about the first couple of miles. I found it less stressful to actually run, but at a much slower than normal pace. If it were not for the stop lights I probably would have ran the entire way back. I wasn't intending to put in 9.3 miles, but I felt good and just went with it. We also had PERFECT running weather, which was cool and overcast. It felt chilly afterward, while we were sitting on the grass listening to our guest speaker. Even though the speaker was fun to listen to, I was chilled and decided to warm up in the car. My foot feels OK, just a little weirdness in the ankle, but my knees are telling me that there's a storm on the way, but that has been an ongoing issue due to arthritis. I don't feel thrashed or as if I had never run before. 9 weeks is a good chunk of time off from running, and I feared not being able to handle more than the 6 miles I walked last week. I could of handled 13.1 slow miles today.

Hubs brought his camera on today's run:

 Mik and AKA Alice

"C group, GO!"

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy ones:
  • Getting in what ever running I can get in, within reason, of course.
  • Making sure my garden survives.  Some of my seedlings in K Cups were eaten at the roots. Stupid bugs.
  • My sister and husband will be in town for a week.
  • My in-laws are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.
  • My daughter is graduating from community college with two degrees.
  • My nephew will be in and out of town (a few times).
  • The pasta dinner with the SDTC is the Friday before the marathon, and it's going to be a full house.  
  • The 2010 San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and Half Marathon is in just two weeks.
  • My birthday. Edit -- It's not until June
  • Life.
  • And laundry...  It goes on, and on, and on, and on...

Monday's Song:
Feelin' Alright - Joe Cocker



Southbaygirl said...

JOURNEY!!!! or GLEE depending on what era you are from...

So glad you ran today!!! Woot Woot!!!

Will you be running SD RnR?

Meg said...

It sounds like you're going to have a fun and busy May into June! Happy Birthday and congrats to your daughter! I'm "nursing" some seedlings too but so far, so good! I can't believe RnR is just around the corner!

Jo Lynn said...

I knew what I wanted to write but then when I got to the bottom of your post, I completely forgot. Very interesting though, all of it! LOL
My birthday is this next week too. Yay for May babies! ;)

Black Knight said...

Happy birthday and congrats to your daughter. You ran!!!!! Very soon you forget all the troubles and running will come back to be part of your normal life.

iJuls said...

Happy Birthday!

Stacey said...

Love your "Guarden" dog!!!

Deene said...

isn't that fleetwood mac?
My pubby saw a baby rabbit in the garden and thrashed through the flower bed in mad dash for a snack. baby rabbit is safe under the shed.

Aka Alice said...

The pink tank top is just a bit much. I somehow don't think it'll end up on their website :-))

I miss RU.

I was so thrilled when I saw you running on Saturday that I nearly cried!

Glenn Jones said...

How exciting that you are able to get back on the roads and trails and do more than just shuffle along. Woo hoo! If I see you even *close* to a cart at Costco though, I'm turning your blog off!!!!!

Birthday? Birthday?

Jill said...

I have been so blog abscent for awhile, I was so glad you had a long post about all you've been up to and I got to get all caught up :). Congrats to your daughter - I'm sure you are so very proud!! You gotta email me your address, I got a little something for your June bday!! So glad things are going well for you and you're back to running some - yay!!! :)