Thursday, May 13, 2010

Such Great Heights

As careful as I have tried to be, I still gained 5 pounds while not running.  While this is not a huge amount of weight gained, it's still weight gained that could easily double, then triple.  Been there.  When I do get back to running, it's going to be sort of like starting over again, and that includes paying super duper attention to every thing I eat.  I suppose running, for me, makes all the difference in maintaining my weight.  Due to my height (or lack thereof - I'm 5ft 3in) 5 pounds = a whole size.  NOTHING fits, unless it's stretchy, like yoga pants or running shorts, but those aren't fitting quite right, either.   I  haven't gone hog wild with eating, but it makes me realize that if I ever do stop running I better replace it with something that keeps me from gaining back the 30 pounds I initially lost about 10 years ago. *

I had an appointment at RU on Wednesday and did a real workout and worked up a real sweat.  It was great. I also had my foot worked on, and that wasn't so great. I'd say it was a foot massage, but that sounds like something relaxing with vanilla scented candles and  Enya's Watermark playing in the background.  This was anything but relaxing.  I tensed up.  I guess I'm subconsciously guarding my foot and anticipating pain.  I need to go to my happy place in my head. Once Bryan made me aware of my tense foot, I was able to relax a little more, but it wasn't vanilla scented candles and Enya's Watermark playing in the background.  It still hurt. Yes, there's a method to the madness, but holey moley guacamole. Ouch.

I've transferred my yellow squash and zucchini seedlings into the garden.  They look so tiny and unprotected out there, but those usually end up being large, productive plants.  The next seedlings to be transferred will be some of the romaine lettuce.  I'm having a tough time starting tomato seeds this year.  I might have to break down and just buy a tomato plant already started.

 My babies are growing!

This Saturday is a long run for the track club. For many of the runners it will be a 20 mile run, maybe more.  I won't be running at all, but I'm going to walk a couple of miles.  I need to do something.  I'm also missing my friends.   I'm not sure what Hubs has planned for that particular run, but even with PF, he's been doing well.

Do you ever have days where you feel like you're 12 years old, but only to be followed by days where you feel like you're 100?  My week has been as such. 

Yesterday's Song:
Worn Out Welcome - Jackie Greene


*I cross train with weights and resistance bands, but without cardio, maintaining weight has been tough, and I would really have to cut calories to something ridiculous, and I'm not going that far.


E-Speed said...

Great title! I love that song! Postal Service is awesome. We saw Ben Folds do a cover of this song and it was great too :)

Anonymous said...

I sent you an invitation to DailyBurn. I started using it to track my eating and it's super easy (one of the easiest programs I've used) and the database is stocked full.

LOL at holey moley guacamole.

I felt like 100 on Sunday, but could've run forever on Monday evening. It's weird.

Glenn Jones said...

Man. Five pounds ain't nuthin! I've put on 7 sice te L.A.Marathon and I'm running (again)! Don't be so hard on yourself.

Meg said...

I'm the same height and I KNOW what you're saying. Two pounds make a difference and five just feel like I'm out of control. I know you're going to run it off eventually, don't worry...and you're still so healthy and active. Hang in there! I've been hearing about the run this weekend, it sounds like so much fun! RnR is almost here...
Have a great weekend!

Dori said...

I know it is frustrating to stop normal exercise and then gain weight. I just spent a week on a cooking vacation, eating butter and cream and dessert every night! So far the clothes fit, but the weight isn't going to help my speed any. Your weight will go down when you start running again.

misszippy said...

I feel for you--the lack of running can be so, so hard. Keep focused on your return--you'll get there.

Anne said...

I love the song title too. Always puts me in the right frame of mind and brings back nice recent memories of running. I used to have the song in my head all the time.

The weight will come off quickly, so I wouldn't sweat it, Irene.

Black Knight said...

You will come back to the running world soon. You are not lazy, you walk! When I left the hospital I could not run so I decided to walk 4 daily km with the crutches. Never surrender and you never surrender!

Anne said...

Hope you can get back to running soon...

You asked about the beach in my header photo...actually, it's in Varadero, Cuba. Last vacation :)