Monday, May 17, 2010

Feelin' Alright

"May Gray" is now with us.  We've had such pleasant weather up until yesterday, where it stayed overcast all day long.  It never really warmed up, either.  If I were running it would actually be perfect weather.

On Saturday I decided to attend the track club's run.  This particular run is normally a 20+ mile run.  I'm still not ready to run, but I decided to walk and see how far I could go.  It has been over two months since I've run or even walked more than a couple of blocks.  I kept an open mind, but remained cautious.  This is also the first time I've been able to really test out the custom orthotics.  I've been wearing the orthotics since I first put them in my shoes, but walking further was a better test.   I had no specific distance goal, but I knew I wanted to put in at least a couple of miles.  Coach Paul stopped and walked with me for a short time just to make sure I was OK and inquired about my foot.  Several of my friends ran by in the opposite direction and it was cool to give out some high fives along the way.  It felt weird being at the very back of the pack, but I wasn't putting in the high miles, I just wanted to see what I could do.  Here's the route I took:

I did an out and back from Hospitality Point to Mariner's Point and back, logging in 6.3 miles.

I felt OK, and that 6.3 miles was just enough. I'm not sure if it's the orthotic or if it's my left foot overcompensating in different places, but I have a shin splint near the outer side of the left calf. Shin splints are normally caused by going too fast or far too soon, or the wrong shoes. In my case, I don't think it's going too fast or too far too soon, and I know it's not the shoes. I think it might be the custom orthotic in the left shoe and some overcompensation. I haven't had shin splints in YEARS. I've been doing the R.I.C.E. thing, which I do for my foot anyway, plus using the stick to massage the shin. I'll address this at RU on Wednesday.

I enjoyed reuniting with many of my friends again and seeing how wonderfully they're doing.

The "Welcoming Committee" did an awesome job and had a tape to run through at the end, plus a cooler full of Otter Pops.  That's Molly (and me) recreating running through the tape.  No, she didn't run in sandals. LOL.

Group photo.  Brownie points if you can find me.  I'm wearing a white hat.

Hubs did OK. He doesn't run with a GPS at all, but he thinks he put in about 16 or 17 miles.

Based on how I walked on Saturday, I can definitely WALK the half marathon under the 4 hour time limit. I might be able to attempt a walk/run pattern.  I just have to be open minded to whatever happens. I'm just happy to be participating.

Thursday's Song:
Such Great Heights - Postal Service E-Speed



misszippy said...

Good for you for getting out there and walking; I'm sure it was mentally hard to do. I found that my orthotics took some breaking in time, so be patient.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Is it wear white hat day or something?!?!?! I looked, but couldn't find you.

Jill said...

6.3 is looking pretty dang awesome right now! No doubt you can make it under the time limit; how cool!! Love your pictures, especially crossing the finish line :).

Anne said...

Great job getting out there...that has got to be tough. Loved the pic of you crossing the finish line :)

Aka Alice said...

Yay! I am so happy for you.

I always get shin splints when I walk fast...I think you use muscles differently when you walk, so don't rule that out.

I'll be out there this Saturday.

Deene said...

the party tape is a good idea. glad you are on the mend.

Glenn Jones said...

Such good news Irene! I'm happy for you. I'll see you at the RnR start line (I'm running the first leg of the relay).

That's quite a group you have there too!

Anne said...

Glad to see the Welcome Committee still going strong since I started it, gulp, about six years ago.

Meg said...

Irene, you always have the best attitude. I'm such a baby that I don't think I would have walked that run since everyone was running and I'd probably have felt bad but you are always so up beat and you did some great miles on your feet. Thanks for sharing that story. Also, does RU have a podiatrist on staff? Do they take insurance??

Roo said...

Good for you! Don't envy the shin splints, that's why I took up rowing so long ago.

Cheers for the birthday wishes too, I had a great weekend ;o)