Thursday, May 06, 2010

Miles In These Shoes

I'm still busy not running.

Yesterday I attended an outing with my office gang. It seemed fitting that we would have dinner at PF Changs for Oriental-ish cuisine, seeing how it was Cinco De Mayo.* Actually, it was a birthday/good-bye party for a coworker, and PF Chang's was her choice since she can easily navigate around the menu with her allergies -- Mexican cuisine, not so much, especially if it's typical tourist food. Since I work on call and haven't been needed lately, it was a grand opportunity to catch up with everyone as best as possible.** Long tables don't lend to conversation with everyone, just with the people across or to the sides. I still had a wonderful time listening to coworkers plans for the summer and filled them in about my fun at Costco and a broken foot.

Since PF Chang's is at a mall, after dinner I visited Macy's to check out some Fit Flops. They have a thick sole and are relatively light, and they would beat wearing that blue boot with the velcro or the Frankenstein boot. Don't tell my doctor. They had quite a selection of Fit Flops, just not in my size. I did find one pair. This is what I ended up with:


Yep. White with gold sequins. Not quite my style, but they beat the ortho boots, hands down. I was kind of looking for something neutral that I could wear in the garden and not worry too much if they got dirty. They're actually not too bad, and with a pair of jeans they're not all that glitzy. Too bad they weren't red sequins and then I could of had a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz moment.

There's no place like home, or nothing like being injury free.

I wore the Fit Flops home. Hubs noticed them right away and said, "are those the shoes that make your ass big?" I responded with,"no, they're supposed to make it tight." He came back with, "yeah, make your ass big." *GAH!* He's an ass man. What else is there to say? Any way, the Fit Flops are very comfortable and do not bother my messed up foot. As far as the workout aspect of these shoes, I really can't tell much of a difference. Time will tell, I suppose.

My next doctor's appointment is in two weeks. I better see some progress on those x-rays, or I'm really going to have a moment in the doctor's office, and not a good moment. I am so over this.

Yesterday' Song:
Shine Through - Elton John


*Cinco De Mayo really isn't a true Mexican holiday, but it sure is a good excuse for a damn good party.

It makes me miss being at the office on a more regular basis. I keep checking to see if they need me, but they have been fortunate with a solid group of people. There was a time that I was called in just about every other week because someone would flake out and not show up for work, quit without notice, or be so inept that they would be asked to leave. Some people just don't live up to their resumes.


Meg said...

An ass man? Bling in the garden? You two are pretty spicey, I like it!

Anne said...

I'm laughing so hard at Michael's comment. I mean it. And I like the sparkly shoes. May they make you sparkle too.

I Run for Fun said...

LOL! The ass man! Love the bling.

E-Speed said...

the fit flops look cute, hope they make your feet and butt happy ;)

Jo Lynn said...

I'd be "over it" too! So frustrating.

Anonymous said...

What do you need fitflop sandals for if you're already fit and healthy?

I thought they were for fat people with no motivation!

Glenn Jones said...

So if I wear thse sandals will I get a secret handshake?

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

I have a pair of fit flops. I love them. I wear them because they make my feet feel good. I have arch and navicular bone problems and a tendon issue. I have no idea if they are doing anything for my butt - but I'll take whatever they might give. I may need to get a blingy pair! Cute!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Jay wasn't 'happy' when I started running either, because he claims I lost my ass, but is happy now again, now that I've started P90X ;) Have a great weekend!! Fingers crossed for progress on those xrays!!

Anne said...

Cute sandals...hope they help make the wait a little less painful...hope the x-rays are good news.

Southbaygirl said...

fit flops? I'll have to check those out!

How are you???

Black Knight said...

Very nice sandals. The ass topic is interesting but I am afraid it could be source of misunderstandings. I love the song "Waiting in the weeds".

Lisa said...

How do you like the fit flops?

Pink Granite said...

The only way to improve those snazzy Fit Flops would be to have them in hot pink - - - and all that bling!