Monday, April 26, 2010

Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op 86 "Pastoral"

Lately, I sit at the computer thinking I should blog about something, but it's just not happening. It's the same old thing. I have plenty on my mind, but the words aren't formulating. It's sort of like I'm stuck. I'm sure this has to do with not being able to run, and my mind really hasn't shifted gears. No running = no blogging.

Since I'm busy not running, I've been taking a lot more pictures, gardening, and have been taking pictures of gardening. Honestly, I'd rather be running, but I can get really aggressive when it comes to digging and pick axing the huge plot of soil that occupies a good portion of our backyard. I've also become acquainted with a family of Blue Jays that have declared our backyard their territory. My dog isn't too thrilled about this occupation.

"She's up there. Maybe if I bark long enough they'll all go away?"

They're not going anywhere. This one is quite good at taunting the dog.

As part of a homework project and in leu of Earth Day, I've spent some time with the kid showing him how to seed some plants:

K-Cups, not just for coffee. He's carefully peeling the foil from a used cup.

Adding the used coffee grounds to the soil.

Scraping out more coffee grounds.

Adding the soil to the K-Cup.


Sweet Peas are a good choice.

Just add water.

We don't want to forget what we're growing!

Now we wait.
To be continued...

Wednesday's Song:
In Bloom - Nirvana


Bonus points to whomever guesses the song.


I Run for Fun said...

I know exactly what you mean! It's like not being able to run causes writers' block or something. Hope you can run again soon.

Jill said...

Grow peas, GROW!! In all that lovely Cali sun, you're going to have some awesome peas soon :). Love all your pictures. And thanks again for your wonderful gift for my bday. Can you email me, so I can thank you properly??


Have a great week!

Lisa said...

When I've had running breaks, I've had blogging breaks. I totally understand.

This is my first year with a 'real' garden. I'm adding coffee grounds to the soil too. I love that you got the boy involved in planting. He's going to be so proud of his pea plants! :-)

Aka Alice said...

I know you are dying to get back to running, but I'm quite envious of the gardening time. I used to have a garden, then I started running :-)

Meg said...

I'm enjoying your photography, keep it coming. The running will come!

Anne said...

What a great grandma you are! And I love that symphony by Beethoven.

Glenn Jones said...

Way to teach the kid! Now that you mention it, I remember my dad throwing used coffee grounds in the compost pile when I was a kid. And to think - my kids wouldn't know a compost pile if they ran through one in their cars. "Ooooo Dad. What's that smell?"

Nice photos on a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

Grow peas grow!!!

Roo said...

Cool way of recycling and having fun planting. Grow anything, my dad started me on cacti! I soon worked my way up to growing food ;o) If you sow dried peas, you can get a really nice crop of pea shoots for summer salads, a pretty instant grow and eat thing. Enjoy the garden while you can, hope you get back to your running soon

Deene said...

Gardening is very relaxing. The kid looks very pleased with his work. Hang in there.