Monday, May 10, 2010

When I'm Back On My Feet Again

Still busy not running...  sort of not running.  OK, so I ran about 25 feet or so. I'll get into that later.

I think I figured out my itchy skin issues.  I was getting itchy, dry skin around the back of my neck and collar bone.  Due to the process of elimination it's most definitely dairy, and possibly corn.  I've known all along that I've been allergic to dairy/cow's milk products.  Up until very recently I could handle small amounts of dairy, such as a touch of cream in my coffee while out to eat, or a small pat of butter on toast.  No more.  Over the past week I took out ALL cow's milk products away from my diet.  This wasn't easy since I had to be the picky one when going out to eat and ask how foods were prepared.  I'm just about all cleared up.  I'm putting corn back in next week just to see what happens.   Good times.

The garden is coming along slowly.  I planted the yellow squash seedlings into the garden.  I have a feeling I'll be over-run with yellow squash this season, but I'm going to attempt using the squash flowers for cooking.   Some of the romaine lettuce is just about ready for the transfer, but I want to make sure they're big enough to handle being out there, unprotected.  I just need to figure out other ways of keeping gophers, slugs and snails away from my precious vegetables.

On Saturday I attended another Runner's World wear test event.  I came away with a pair of Brooks Ghost 3.  I haven't had a lot of success with Brooks, but these actually fit well, even with my orthotic.  Bonus points for the shoe not being Easter egg colors.  It's a neutral shoe, but I completely forgot to ask if they had any neutral cushioned shoes in the bunch. My first impressions are that these feel good in the heel, and there's plenty of room in the toe box.  These aren't as cushy as the Pearl Izumi Cruise I've been wearing, but they feel comfortable enough.  We'll see how they do once I start running again, hopefully in a couple of weeks.  Before they released these shoes to me I had to run about 25 feet for their shoe expert.  That's the first time I've really run since March 13 this year.  I was reluctant, and told the guy about my ailments, but he said the shoe was a good match for me, even though he could see that my left foot wasn't right.  The review comes out in the September 2010 Runner's World Magazine.   We'll see if they use my two cents.

Florence was my grandma.

Speaking of shoes, just about everyone wanted to know about the Fit Flops. Theses are super comfortable and I am considering purchasing another pair with less bling.  Gold sequins don't do well in the garden mud, however, if I get lost in my backyard I suppose I can wave one of my shoes at an overhead airplane.  I can wear them all day without the broken foot hurting, mostly because of the thick, but light sole.  From the exercise standpoint of the shoes, I really can't tell much of a difference there.  I suppose if I never worked out or never have run before I might notice a difference.  Hubs now calls them my Princess Jasmine shoes. I think I've heard enough derriere comments to last me a while, thankyouverymuch.  The next pair I purchase will definitely be more earthy or neutral in color.  Size wise, I wear a 6 1/2 (USA) in regular shoes, but these come only in even sizes.  The size 6 fit me well.

Mother's day came and went.  We don't celebrate Mother's Day in a big way.  In the early years we've had the big Mother's Day brunches out or the big to do dinner at someone's house, usually my mother in law's house.  For several reasons, I've just decided to opt out of the bigness of the day and keep things super simple. My little family and I went to the High Dive  for breakfast.  I didn't have to worry about getting decked out to go have breakfast. I just threw on some jeans, a blouse, my Princess Jasmine shoes, pulled my hair back in a pony tail and went.  No biggie, but it was perfect. They serve an awesome Bloody Mary, which was worth the 1/4 mile trip down the street, and equally awesome Halla (French) toast.

After breakfast and back at home, I spent the day at home, enjoying my back yard and took a few photos:
Lumpy (the tabby) insisting that he take over Cruiser's bed.  Cruiser (the black kitty) wasn't too happy, but never moved.

Renee and Evan

Oh yeah, Erik shaved his head on Friday.  He said he wanted to see what his head actually looked like.  He's never had a buzz cut, even as a kid.   It's hard to believe that this is the same person who was a "Senior Standout"  for best hair in high school.  He once looked like Slash from Guns 'n' Roses.  Seriously.

I'm a lot more mobile, but the foot is still rather sensitive.  With less than a month until the (now) half marathon, this sensitive foot still concerns me.  I've been trying to exercise within reason, but it still isn't enough to constitute any type of running or even simulated running.  I honestly didn't think I'd be out so long.  It was is one heck of a broken bone.  I go back to orthopedics next Tuesday.  This is getting old.

Thursday's Song:
Miles In These Shoes - Jennifer Lopez


 In loving memory.  My mom,  Gloria January 4, 1929 - March 1, 1986

*They also had Saucony, K Swiss, Mizunos, Puma, and a few others.


Anne said...

I think Mother's Day breakfast at the High Dive is a great way to celebrate, especially when you and your bedazzled feet live so close. Nice family photos, though Eric's new 'do is a radical change. I like his sense of adventure.

Lisa said...

None of my seedlings are doing well. I'm thinking it was a mistake to plant the seeds directly into the garden. Next time I'm doing it like you did...into cups first to make sure they are big enough. Heck, I might even do that this year to try to recover. They either a) aren't coming up at all, or b) are getting eaten by some bugs when they are little bitty. *sigh*

The little plants that I put in the garden are doing okay though.

Deene said...

I like adding the squash blossoms to soup just before it's finished cooking. My tomato seedlings appeared and I really hope we have some summer soon so i can plant outside.
it's always nice to find pics of parent from back in the day. i always find it hard to imagine their lives before they became parents - single, having fun and being vain.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

I think your Mother's Day sounded perfect. I am into the low key events too.

Anonymous said...

Michael Bolton

Excellent pictures. Love the stripes with Evan and Renee!

LOL at the Easter egg colors because the last shoes I bought only came in BRIGHT PINK!!!

Jill said...

Oooo, so much going on in your blog today - so exciting.

First, you mom is gorgeous! I see where ya get your beauty :). And your kiddos area just cute about the oldest and his haircut :). I'm about ready to to give my boys a buzz for the summer, the long hair drives me crazy!! Your kitties are just so funny :). And the shoes are super cute. I was wearing Brooks for about the past 4 months and I'm wondering if they were my heel problems culprit so I switched. Not that the heel is overly happy now in my beefier shoes (sigh)...but slightly. I wish I could wear those cute shoes you have. Okay, novel done. :) Have a great day!! :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Sounds like it was a perfect Mother's Day.... hoping that the sensitivity will go away soon!! It sucks. Take care.

Anne said...

I so hope your foot heals completely and soon!!!

Jo Lynn said...

Beautiful picture of your Mom. ;)

Glenn Jones said...

So here's a piece of worthless trivia (I waste my time collecting these tidbits) - did you know that the ability to digest dairy beyond puberty is actually a mutation? Humans do not need to be able to digest dairy after that age. Now you know why so many people "develop" lactose intolerance as they age. Actually it's those of us not lactose intolerance that have developed lactose tolerance!

Sorry to hear that your foot is not cooperating. It's about time. You've sure had your share of injuries in the last year. Mojo your way Irene!

Pink Granite said...

Your mother was stunningly beautiful!
Sending healing energy your way and best wishes for a swift and strong recovery...