Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reelin' In The Years

My son noticed a box of hangers from Costco. The number 50 was on the box in rather large characters. He said "Mom, is that on purpose, I mean, did you buy those just because they had your age on the box?"


Then he asked me if I felt older now. I told him I felt older last year.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

I did have a very nice birthday with my family. We went out for sushi at an all-you-can-eat sushi place, mostly because it was casual and I we could take the grand kid. A more "formal" setting would be for the grown-ups only. I really wanted the little guy there. Besides, he actually likes sushi.

Sports rehab, which is now coaching, still feels like rehab, especially today. I had some assisted stretching within the confines of the stretching cage. My piriformis muscles on my right side are still tight. In my mind I have a pretty high pain threshold, but today pushed the limits and I had to go to that sandy beach in my mind to deal with the EXTREME discomfort and to avoid speaking in tongues.* They also had me do the usual exercises with a lot of twisting, lunging.

By the way, I found out that, along with Michael J.Fox and Donald Duck, I share the same birthday with the sports rehab place. I was told that they opened for business on the same day as my birthday, 6 years ago.

Other than a few random 5ks with in the next few months, I have no definite longer run event plans at the moment. The Las Vegas Rock 'N' Roll half marathon event in early December keeps coming up in conversation. The guys at sports rehab are discussing going as a group and I might consider going with them, provided they figure out the logistics. It could be fun. What I need to do is remain half marathon ready.

Tonight was our office party, celebrating three June birthdays, mine included. I am kicking myself for not putting the media card back into the camera. We had some incriminating, I mean, good photo opps. Someone did bring a camera, but it might be a long time before the pictures are downloaded and e-mailed to me.

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm going to do anything to commemorate turning 50, such as having a big party, get a tattoo, doing something wild. The Chicago trip was part of my birthday celebration, I made the trip early due to work schedules. I did make a "happy birthday to me" purchase for myself, not over the top, but it's a hand made bracelet that looks like one of these:

The word I've selected is "PERSEVERE." I found this bracelet over at as a give away. I knew my chances were slim to none of winning, and this time was no different. I didn't win. I really liked the idea of this bracelet. I also liked that it is personally crafted, not mass produced. The word "PERSEVERE" sums up everything for me. I'm still here.

Monday's song:
Kumbaya - Peter, Paul & Mary... and many others


*What I really wanted to say were several cuss words, but I promised myself to keep things Isay and write relatively clean since my 5 year old grandson can read just about everything now, and listens qute attentively.


AKA Alice said...

For the record... I LOVE those hangars. They are the BEST.

I'm so glad you linked to the Vegas 1/2. I've been checking there to see if they'd done the course yet, and they have! The 1/2 is up and down the strip. At the very least, it'd be entertaining.

I think I might register tomorrow. I'll let you know.

Oh, and Happy Birthday again.

IzzyBubbles said...

Happy Birthday!! I didn't know Donald Duck had a birthday. Very cool bracelet you picked out for yourself, I love the "buy your own" types of presents. It's good to treat yourself to something nice every now and then. :)

Good luck deciding on your next race! I've batted around the idea of Vegas for my next's around the right time and it's Vegas, baby. We'll see. :)

Flo said...

Steely Dan.... Somehow I think I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday!! I know I thought about it because I just turned 50 too, so I know it crossed my mind. So belated Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like a good one.

Nitmos said...

Cool bracelets though they look like you'd need an extra slathering of body glide around the wrists.

leslie said...

Happy birthday! I'm right behind you and I must say, you look mah-velous darling!

Have a wonderful birthday MONTH!!!

I Run for Fun said...

Happy brithday! Glad you could celebrate with family.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Love the bracelet, and Persevere is so powerful. great choice. Happy Birthday again :)

barbie2be said...

i love, love, love the bracelet.

did your son actually think you needed reminding of your age from a box of hangers?? :)

E-Speed said...

I like the bracelet idea. Suits you perfectly!

Irene said...

AKA Alice,
Those hanger are the bomb! I'm still waiting for the gang at RU to put a plan in motion, then I'll sign up. See you Saturday!

When they (the media) list celebrity birthdays, Donald Duck always shows up on mine. I think Johnny Depp also shares my birthday. It would be cool if you could do Vegas! We'd have to do a meet up or something!

Winner! Thanks for the BD wishes! It was a very good day. :)

So far I don't think it needs Glide... It might glide off!

Thank you, thank you! I plan on celebrating all month long.

It's what I wanted last year, but with the injury EVERYONE wanted to show up. I just wanted a more low-keyed day, and it was. Thanks.

Persevere just summed things up for me. I use PEACE all the time, but Persevere seemed more personal to me.

I love, love, love it, too! Oh, sometimes my son comes up with the most odd ball comments.

I didn't want to get a tattoo, not just yet, so I opted for the less painful bracelet. LOL. This was the first time in a long time a single word just said so much for me.

NotSoccer Mom said...

oh happy belated birthday wishes! i love the bracelet too. sometimes you just gotta get it yourself, right!

Irene said...

Thanks so much!!! It was one of those purchases that actually meant something to me. I mean, I could have purchased something more extravagant, yet, as simple as this is, it's something to constantly remind me that I can pull through, no matter what kind of crap is dumped on my lap, you know what I mean?