Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fit But You Know It

Product Review!

I had the opportunity to try out a sports bra from Moving Comfort. I've heard of Moving Comfort before but never tried any of their products. The bra I selected is from their back closure sports bras selection, the Dori bra, pictured above, retailing for $44.00.

For some reason, I'm not sure why, I've never tried a sports bra with a back closure. I believe I am now a convert. Since this sports bra has a back closure it's much easier to put on and take off. I've had some sports bras that are so hard to put on/take off, it must look like I'm being strangled. The back closure was a nice little revelation for me. I'm not blessed in the chest, so I figured I never really needed a back closing sports bra. I was so wrong.

I'm surprised how well this bra fit. The sports bras I purchase are letter sized, and depending on the make, I'll take either a S or M. Per the sizing guidelines on the Moving Comfort site, the bra I selected in S fit me perfectly. No gapping where some sports bras don't offer much support, and not so tight that I feel like I can't breathe and the girls are squished.

This is also one of the most comfortable sports bras I've tried. The fabric is soft and breathable. I've used it while running and for working out, and it never rubbed or chaffed.

Coverage is pretty good, however... When it gets a little nippy out, things could be a little nipple-y... It covers better than some sports bras, in that respect, but there are other sports bras that cover the headlights (high beams, what ever) better. I don't want to worry about what the girls are doing. This is actually a minor criticism because I really do like this bra and would consider getting another one.

This bra is machine washable, and it says to tumble dry, low, but I hang dry my sports bras. It washes well and came out looking like new.

Along with the standard white and black, it also comes in ocean blue and mojito (green). Of course, I selected mojito. Besides, I never had a bright green sport's bra, and it was time I had one. I love the color.

In conclusion:
I really like this sports bra! I also like a bargain just like everyone else, and I don't think I've ever spent $44.00 for a sports bra. This particular sports bra would be the exception. I would much rather save up to buy a sports bra that fits so well than to purchase two sub standard sports bras for the same price*. It's all about the comfort.

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*The brand I usually buy retails for around $30.00, but I always purchase them on sale.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

nice review.

KatieFeldmom said...

I've been looking to get a new bra .... think this is it. Thanks Irene.

Anne said...

I wonder if it works well for those of us who are well endowed. I really like Moving Comfort sports clothes. I've worn their shorts for years. Had to laugh at your mention of the price because we of the buxom bunch seem to pay more for a well made sports bra.

Irene said...


I really like this one!

The sports bras I normally purchase retail between $30 and $35, but I always buy those on sale, as with most of my athletic clothing. I selected that particular sports bra based on their fitting guide, and I wanted to try something just a little bit different than what I normally buy. It turned out well!

cami said...

Cool! Thanks for the review. I probably would've never considered this type of bra.

Irene said...

Normally, I wouldn't have considered it, either. I'm glad I tried it!